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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NC General Assembly
Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee
November 17, 2010 meeting Audio and Documents

The Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee met today in the NC General assembly and here is the audio and supporting documents (where they were made available beforehand):

1. Remarks by Co-Chairs
[There were no remarks]

2. Approval of Minutes – May 24, 2010
[approval was by acclaimation]

3. Presentation: University System Enrollment Change Formula
    Presenter: Michelle Beck Senior Program Evaluator

[Links to supporting documents (all in PDF format) that you can use to read along with the presenter]

4. Presentation: Audits by State Auditor, Beth Wood
     --- NC Department of Transportation Heavy Equipment Fleet Management

Audit Report

     ---Oversight & Administration of the Performance Management System

Audit Report

5. Presentation: NC Accountability Report – DPI Drivers Education Program
    Presenter: Larry Yates Principal Program Evaluator

[The documents and handouts were not available online at the time of the meeting]

6. Presentation: Director Report on current and pending PED activities
    Presenter: John Turcotte Director

[Supporting documents nor handouts were made available online at the time of the meeting]

Let me know if you like this format of reporting on the NC General Assembly or not.

Rep. E. Nelson Cole (Co-Chair)House Appointment
Rep. James Walker Crawford, Jr. (Co-Chair)House Appointment
Sen. Daniel Gray Clodfelter (Co-Chair)Senate Appointment
Sen. Fletcher Lee Hartsell, Jr. (Co-Chair)Senate Appointment
Legislative Members
Rep. Larry D. HallHouse Appointment
Rep. Lindsey Hugh HollimanHouse Appointment
Rep. Carolyn Hewitt JusticeHouse Appointment
Rep. James H. Langdon, Jr.House Appointment
Rep. David R. LewisHouse Appointment
Rep. Paul LuebkeHouse Appointment
Sen. Charles Woodrow AlbertsonSenate Appointment
Sen. Peter Samuel BrunstetterSenate Appointment
Sen. Malcolm GrahamSenate Appointment
Sen. Samuel Clark JenkinsSenate Appointment
Sen. Martin L. Nesbitt, Jr.Senate Appointment
Sen. Richard Yates StevensSenate Appointment
Sen. Albin B. Swindell, IVSenate Appointment

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