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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

US Senator Lisa Murkowski Poised to Win Write-In Campaign in Alaska

US Senator from Alaska Lisa Murkowski 
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Sen. Lisa Murkowski reflects on success of write-in campaign, her status as a Republican:

Lisa Murkowski attacks Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, calling Alaska her state and bragging of the fact that she and her supporters were able to make their own decisions regarding who to send to the Senate. In a brief interview with Fox News’ Dan Springer at quarter to midnight Alaska time, Murkowski was clearly enthusiastic and in a celebrating mood. Looking energized, Murkowski saw fit to take some potshots at Palin and the organic movement of the Tea Party as a whole, casting them both as outsiders who really didn’t have any business in trespassing in her state and backing Joe Miller. While her comments smack a bit of Republican establishment elitism, from her standpoint, she does have reason to brag, or, at least, be very optimistic. She’s actually on the verge of being only the second individual to win a write-in campaign for the Senate.
Source: The Examiner "Lisa Murkowski attacks Palin and Tea Party; calls Alaska her state"

With 76% of the vote in, The total write-in tally (most of it assumed to be for Republican Lisa Murkowski) is 81,876 (41%); Republican Joe Miller has 68,288 (34%); and Democrat Scott McAdams has 47,414 (24%). If Us Senator Lisa Murkowski wins, it will only be the second time a US Senator has won on a write-in campaign.

I can't help but wonder what this means for former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, who endorsed Joe Miller and campaigned heavily for him. Several Tea Party groups from the lower 48 states also endorsed Joe Miller and campaigned heavily for him. I must have received over a 100 emails and a dozen phone calls from various Tea Party groups urging me to donate money to his campagn.

I am glad that the seat remians in Republican hands. Bookmark and Share