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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Duke Power Wins Fight to Demolish Dillsboro Dam
Liberals Rejoice

It seems weird to see Liberals on the same side as Duke Power, but there you have it.

The plans to provide an economically attractive park for Dillsboro, NC have been thwarted in favor of providing a few lefty Whitewater kayakers some thrills as they pass by Dillsboro, headed south.

Related: PDF of Ruling


I guess that means I'll have to get out to Dillsboro soon to do some video recording of the Dillsboro Dam for archival purposes so I can remember the historical landmark and share it with future generations.

The Sylva Herald has some footage of preparations to begin the dam removal process:

And I'll leave you with a brief video by a gloating Lefty from September: