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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Town of Franklin Board of Aldermen
January 4, 2010 Meeting
Video & Notes

Alderman Bob Scott during January 4th Aldermen Meeting Photo by Bobby Coggins

As part of my efforts to encourage people to become involved in politics locally, I will be attending and recording meetings of local government bodies. The Franklin Town Board of Aldermen and the Macon County Commissioners will be the two bodies I will be focusing on this year...

Regular meeting of the Franklin Town Board of Alderman that took place on January 4, 2010 in the Franklin, NC Town Hall.

This part includes public comment, during which Ken Fromkencht and Tom Ritter spoke for Joseph G. Moretti, Inc regarding concerns on an agreement by the Town to annex the area where their client has a construction project underway near Ruby Cinemas on 441 South (also known as the Georgia Rd).

Item #4 on the agenda was a request by the Macon County Habitat for Humanity ( for funds to help them on projects.

The Town Board of Aldermen voted to give the Macon County Habitat for Humanity contingent on those funds being used only on projects within the Town of Franklin.

This part includes the Town Planner, Mike Grubermann discussing the various options for the Town Board to consider regarding annexation.

This part includes excerpts of the continued discussion regarding annexation and extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) expansion.

This part includes the discussion regarding the board retreat. A motion was passed to schedule the Town Board Retreat on January 23, 2010 beginning at 9am.

The board also scheduled a public hearing on a petition for rezoning by Alton Alligood III on February 1, 2010.

The board also considered, and rejected, a bid for surplus property on Sloan Street..

This part includes discussion of other items of concern not on the agenda.