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Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 2nd on Twitter

My Twitter Journal for January 2nd:

1) @jensaylor LOL. I do the same thing when I'm blogging. I decide to take a week off, then post a hundred times. Weird, huh?

2) #jihad #sharia #eurabia Danish police stop attack on cartoonist (Somali Muslim wielding an ax & knife)

3) Danish Police Shoot Ax Wielding Somali Muslim on Cartoon Jihad

4) RT @Wanpeirui Ron Paul on the airline plot: “They’re terrorists because we’re occupiers!” Why I don't support Ron Paul

5) @Wanpeirui Anytime!!! I'm glad that you pointed out what you did...

6) @littlebytesnews @Wanpeirui I'm collecting video & audio of him saying crazy things like that, so PLEASE bring it to my attn when u see them

7) @Wanpeirui Yep.

8) @s_dog He's not 100% crazy, just 60% or so. LOL. (His followers R 85% crazy. They celebrated a 14% primary vote locally as a win. Nuts)

9) @s_dog You're on the money.

10) #jihad Muslim "Youth" Burn Over a Thousand Cars in France

11) #jihad #wwiv @atlasshrugs has a good article called "Islamic Tet" (Good points & links included)


13) "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." -Burke

14) #globalcooling Record cold weather roundup – hundreds of new cold and snow records set in the last week

15) The Yoke of Political Correctness…

16) Will be re-posting my tweets to my blog as a way of preserving them this year. (Let's see how long this lasts before it gets old) ;^)

17) @s_dog Thank You. I'll check it out. (@BackupMyTweets

18) Israeli War Planes Strike Gaza Tunnels

19) @s_dog I signed up at @BackupMyTweets Thanks for the tip.

20) (VIDEO) Top 11 Coast Guard Videos of 2009

21) I'm not afraid to admit it. I backed up my Twitter account! You should backup yours here:

22) Top 11 Coast Guard videos of 2009 plus background on the 11 Missions of the US Coast Guard

23) #wnc #scanner Macon County Sheriff Deputies investigating report of several cases of mailbox vandalism on Ellijay Rd.

24) #culturalmarxism $150K Settlement for Black Public School Students Harassed by Other Black Students for “Acting White”

25) RT @kmita3 Free internet course on American Constitutional Law (Henry Holzer) PDF

26) Al-Qaida: the Yemen factor, from open Democracy News Analysis

27) #agw #cooling Cold weather kills scores in India as Global Cooling marches onward...

28) It's Cold Out There! (I hope those #idiots at the Global Warming meetup in Asheville dressed warm!)

29) The NWS has issued a Lake Wind Advisory for today. This makes me ask "What kind of an idiot would be on a lake in this kind of weather?"

30) #wnc #ncwx I went outside for 5 minutes half an hour ago to take pictures of the snow, and my toes are still frozen.

31) #LOLCAT itty bitty pest control committee

32) @DeserveLiberty Eek! I don't run under 60 degrees, unless something is chasing me. LOL

33) @michaelfmuller Are you going to the Global Warming Church this morning? If so, read this Ha ha ha!

34) (VIDEO) here is what Free Speech looks like on a Canadian University (I daresay it's the same here)

35) @michaelfmuller LOL. I'm still hurting from my earlier photo expedition.

36) It's not a good sign if you've learned just enough Chinese and Korean to navigate video sharing sites for pirated movies. LOL

37) RT @aaytch Its twenty-ten, not two-thousand-and-ten! (just ask them how they'd say 1910 & ask Y 2010 is different)

38) Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting... (For once, I actually agree with a post at Crooked Dems and Hypocrites)

39) When Does the New Year Start At the International Space Station?

40) @mscator To be fair...they were pointing out something stupid Chris Matthews said. They can't go wrong with that...

41) I'm surprised at the number of "conservatives" who are applauding the restriction of the liberty of smokers in NC. 1st they came for...

42) YAAY! The snowplow just went by my house spreading salt on the road.

43) #avl #wnc #sunrise RT @mscator 1/2/10 Asheville sunrise... Blazing sun & gentle snow flakes....

44) Enjoying boiled cabbage and soupy taters to help keep me warm as the earth grows ever colder.

45) #wnc #scanner Listening to Duke Power crews restore power in bitter cold. (Cherokee-94 Polk-48)

46) #wnc Progress Energy is fighting to restore power also. (Buncombe (NC)-49 Kershaw (SC)-96)

47) #wnc Blue Ridge Electric only has one outage (Watauga County)

49) @MotherNos I had Black Eyed Peas, Collard Greens & Cornbread for 1st Breakfast.

50) @MotherNos I eat a lot of small meals instead of three big ones. Keeps the hobbit in me fat and happy. LOL

51) #wnc Duke Employee reports it's so cold, he's broke a finger off. Asks Grd Crew to pick it up & stick it in pocket to keep it warm. LOL

52) - Now for desert, a Grapefruit from the southern part of the Shire.

53) @MotherNos I chose that one just for you!!!

54) @MotherNos Gotta have something to counteract the extreme sourness of the Grapefruit. Yowweee! Momma Mia!!!

55) I'm pretty sure cavemen had to be almost starving to death before they'd eat a Grapefruit.

56) If I can get my lips unpuckered from that awful, awful Grapefruit aftertaste...I'm gonna take a nap. ewwww....

57) RT @JIDF BLOCK/REPORT 4 SPAM: All same pers @roayora@jewbama @jewishjihad @intelcenter @rockybarack @dcfool@JIOF -David Duke racism.

58) @classicalracist sing that song to someone who hasn't been around the block or infiltrated u guys B4. @jidf is a decent org.

59) I've been ID'ed by a #racist (@classicalracist) here & User is anti-Semite & Racist

60) RT @fobes Video of squirrel leap-flying to conquer the bird feeder. Second leap is the best YOW!

61) "You do not make history. You can only hope to survive it." -Ambassador G'Kar of #Babylon5 #scifi

62) Later.

63) RT @ThunderPix #wnc #365 Maple Silhouette

So that was my day on Twitter yesterday...