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Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 1st On Twitter

A new feature for the new year will be a record of my tweets, since Twitter does not (to my knowledge) save them beyond a few months time.

I will sometimes be posting the tweets that I am responding to, as well as the responses to my Tweets, and those that RT (Retweet) my tweets, especially if a long discussion ensues. (Under the username @ThunderPig)

So, here is January 1, 2009 on Twitter:

1) @P38GAL I knew that. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

2) @Derameth @kHat43 @Barb_NC @RedDevilRio ▬►━HAPPY━(゚∀゚)━NEW YEAR━!!!!!

3) The older I get, the more New Years I seem to sleep through. Oh well. Carry on, tweeple!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Think abt November.

4) #jihad #sharia #ConsNC #tpp Terror probes – what you’re not being told

5) @MotherNos _☆☆☆_HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!_☆☆☆_

6) @SusieBlackmon ( ^_^)o自HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!自o(^_^ )

7) Get Ready for all the stupid slogans that will have "10" in the them this year.
8) How To Build The World's Most Useless Machine (you've got to see the video of the machine in action)
9) #tech #games Man Pays Record $330,000 for a Virtual Space Station
11) #jihad #wwiv It's called "training" (via NEIN or (via @a12iggymom @RedState
12) Look up #wwiv at I use the tag to raise awareness that the war we are fighting is a world war.
13) The Best You Tube Video of 2009 (JK Wedding Dance)
14) China Sends Armored Vehicles to Iran to Fight Freedom Protesters
15) No Increase of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years
16) #africa #pagans Albinos being targeted in witchcraft killings in Africa
17) Republics vs. Democracies
18) (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ I can always count on some people stating the obvious LOL
19) RT @NavyNews Pix from NIMITZ looks ominus... spooky almost. Hope it represented last year, not coming year...
20) I'd like to welcome a fellow counterjihadist to Twitter, Dymphna of Gates of Vienna @dymphnagates Give her a warm welcome!
21) #jihad RT @atlasshrugs Jihad Decade Cometh
22) Later, tweeps.
24) Macon County BOLO: Hit & Run Suspect partial tag...YZL vehicle is a 1985 Crown Victoria Brown in color 6th st area
25) RT @hurricanetrack Live video from Kill Devil Hills, NC (Broadcasting live at
27) RT @motownmutt some old-school guitar pickin' on Andy Griffith Show: @JacksonianLwyer ...:
28) RT @ThunderPix #365 #wnc #wncpix Dog in the Driver's Seat (part of my 365-day photo project)
29) Army CID showed more interest in tracking down bloggers than tracking down Hasan’s connections with terrorism
30) (VIDEO) Rush Limbaugh Speaks to Reporters in Hawaii – Says He Is Not Taking Pain Killers
31) TSA Backs Down, Withdraws Legal Threats Against Bloggers

32) Goodnight for real this time. LOL

So that was my day on Twitter for January 1, 2009. There were no encounters with moonbats...