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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Growing Number of Dems Face Reality on Terror Trials -
Shuler Still AWOL Despite Public Pressure


Subject: WNC GOP Immediate Release: Growing Number of Dems Face Reality on Terror Trials - Shuler Still AWOL Despite Public Pressure

In the past 48 hours, Senators Gillibrand, Schumer, Lincoln and Webb and House Member Velázquez and Governor Paterson - all Democrats - have asked that the White House reverse its dangerous and unnecessary decision to try the 9/11 terrorists in NYC.

This is still far from the GOP position that the idea of civilian trials anywhere on US soil should be blocked but it is a start.

However, despite waves of phone calls following the GOP's ad in the Asheville C-T, the Hendersonville T-N, the Smoky Mt. News, and the Tryon Daily Bulletin asking voters to demand that Shuler take any position on this issue, he is still in hiding.

On the Keep Terrorists Out Of America Act - Shuler is still silent.

On this call from fellow Democrats to spare NYC this security nightmare - Shuler is silent.

On the bill to block any funding for the transfer of any detainee at Guantanamo to US soil - Shuler is silent.

Would it take the White House moving these trials or detainess to WNC to shame Shuler in to taking a stand? If he is not opposing Obama on these policies, then he is supporting them.

Ronald Ledford
Cherokee County GOP

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Clay County GOP

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Haywood County GOP

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