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Monday, January 4, 2010

January 3rd on Twitter

My Twitter Journal for January 3rd:

#podcast RT @GWCChuck GWC #201 (Avatar, Day The Earth Stood Still, fantasy #scifi challenge #1)

2)#scifi #startrek Patrick Stewart is now Sir Patrick Stewart.

3)Blogging and the tyranny of government

4)“Flag” by Victor Friedman Salutes Old Glory recommended reading for the haters of the flag in Asheville, NC)

5)A New Low… Charles Johnson Now Supporting Child Porn in Classrooms & Fisting Kits at School Functions

6)@Snooper1 LOL. I'm going through my RSS Feeds in Google Reader.

7)#racism #antisemitism Norway Funds Antisemitism

8)Home Invasion Tip: If You Don’t Want Or Know How To use A Gun (Use Wasp Spray to Blind Burglar/Attacker)

9)@michaelfmuller Morning Sir.

10)@michaelfmuller Yep. I've gone into shock mode and closed off the rooms I don't normally use to conserve heat. Brrr!!!

11)@mscator NOOOOooooooo000000000000OOOOOoooo!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (channels Frosty the Snowman from Rankin/Bass)

12)@mscator That is so cool!!!! I agree with that TOTALLY... ("Ignorance must be battled." ~ Isaac Asimov)
Anniverary of Maqadamah Mosque episode

14)One Year Ago Today: Operation Cast Lead

15)A reminder of why #Israel has to periodically clean out the terrorists from Gaza:

16)#jihad #sharia Outrage as Muslim extremists hijack war heroes' town Wootton Bassett

17)Behind the Culture of Terrorism Denial

18)Gotta leave early for church, teaching a segment on Islam for the teens this morning. SQUEE!!!!

19)RT @ThunderPix #wnc #365 Frost on Grass Three of my 365 Photos Project

20)@brainshrub I imagine your head would explode. I have an annual course that lasts thru Ramadan. We usually have people quit over it. LOL

21)Sunday Matinée: 2010 The Year we Make Contact (Watch Full Screen if you can)

22)#wnc #scanner Macon Co BOLO Stolen 2001 Silver Nissan Pathfinder driven by Jason Osborne (sp) Miss. St. Alumni sticker rear window.

23)#wnc #scanner Clarks Chapel firemen called to assist wheelchair bound female w busted water pipes in house.

24)RT @DeserveLiberty Seems so obvious to us @scubdog @keder: taxes reduced; not a 'gift' from Congress. It means Congress is stealing less.

26)@keder Thank You for providing context!!!. I RTed it w link to article.

27)@bruisinales Here's New Year's Tweet for you............... ( ^_^)o自HAPPY NEW YEAR!自o(^_^ )

28)More Libertarian Philosophical Quibbles (more on the author here #tlot

29)#jihad #sharia Indian workers sold like cattle in Saudi Arabia

30)#tech #tip #windows How To Enable Windows 7 Secret God Mode (Verified: I did it on my laptop)

31)@MotherNos I don't know/like Windows 7 as well as I'll take help where I can find it. LOL.

32)#tech #tips #chrome #browser Top 10 Chrome Browser Add-ons

33)@bruisinales It allows you to access the Action Center and Administrative Tools in one easy access folder, instead of clicking thru menus.

34)@brainshrub Nay Nay Nelly. At least you are getting your exercise jumping to conclusions & applying bigoted stereotypes of Christians to me.

35) - Black Bean Soup. Nom nom nom.

36)Just realized that most of the photos I posted to my TwitPic acct the last few days have been abt food. :^D

37)@bruisinales LOL. Applea are for those who like proprietary systems and technology. PCs are more open sourced...Linux is most open system.

38)Google's Secret Chrome Plan for Browser Domination

39)#jihad #wwiv RT @BlueRidgeNow US, UK close Yemen embassies over al-Qaida threats

40)#tech #cameras #ces CES 2010 Predictions: What's on Deck for Cameras? (I wish I could go to one of these)

41)@brainshrub LOL. Lefties don't think so, several quit the church every time I teach it. And Yes, I do teach an AWESOME class on Islam. ;^)

42)AT&T sued by Washington DC for unused balances on calling cards (this is a case of outright gov theft)

43)@vickihinze No, DC wants the leftover money on every calling card purchased by customers... It's nuts.

44)The Iranian Parliament today voted to deny John Kerry his request to visit Iran.

45)Claire McCaskill 2009: "It’s Unfair to Take Potshots at Prez" 2006 "Bush Killed Black People on Rooftops"

46)Congrats to @LauriRottmayer, you are my 3,000th follower!!! I hope you find my Tweets entertaining & informative. (Occ. silly, too!!)

47)Brit Hume gives politically incorrect advice to Tiger Woods

48)Munich Re's list of the largest disasters of 2009

49)New NASA Calendar Is Totally Wrong and Full of Errors (Jan 1 2010 was Wednesday???)

50)#agw #iceage Now it's Peking's turn to experience bone-chilling cold & record snows

51)Instead of "distracted driver" bills, why doesn't the gov't issue drivers blinders? LOL #idiots

52)I've had enough for today. See y'all later.

53)Magnitude 6.5 - SOLOMON ISLANDS 2010 January 03 21:48:06 UTC (prelim tsunami advisory also issued)

So that was my day on Twitter yesterday.