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Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 4th on Twitter

My Twitter Journal for January 4th:

Wolves In Sheep's Clothing? Food for thought#tpp #tcot #ConsNC

2) RapidRecon: My Safety & Security Versus "Your" Privacy

3) Security breach locks down Newark airport TSA says man walked through checkpoint at Terminal C

4) 2010: YEAR OF THE PIG (my alter ego...LOL)

5) #jihad Rockets, Mortars Pound Israel (expect#Israel to be condemned if she defends herself)

7) #astronomy The Casimir Effect Tiny ball provides evidence that the universe will expand forever.

8) #astronomy Comet Halley's Nucleus: An Orbiting Iceberg

9) Getting my ducks in a row for 2010; Covering meetings of the Franklin Town Board of Aldermen & Macon County Commissioners.

10) @BillFutral Do you know when the Highlands Board of Commissioners regularly meet? (next mtg is Jan 6th)

If you're successful, then President Obama is sending you a message: YOU are what's wrong with America.

12) RT @ThunderPix #wnc #365 Watched by a Squirrel (part of my 365 Project)
RT @PoemVidz The value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults. #quote #PeterDeVries

14) #wnc It's 10˚ F at my house near Franklin, NC. With wind's VERY COLD. Schools are on normal schedule. Weird

15) @MotherNos I thought Macon County would be, too. Imagine all those kids at the bus stops in subzero wind chills.

16) Bono calls for China-style Internet Monitoring to stop file sharing (#idiot, China can't even stop it)

17) RT @angrywebmaster America Rising: An Open Letter to Dem Politicians (I hope the new activists R active locally, too)

18) - #wnc #Sunrise as seen from the WPFJ webcam in Franklin, NC.

19) SEVEN things never to say to a veteran

20) The Complete List of Oil ADR Stocks and 2009 Returns

21) This should be the mantra of conservative activists for 2010: "I Aim to Misbehave" -Mal #ConsNC

22) ♥ it when Progressives call Obama a corporatist sell-out. (keep beating on each other) m9(^Д^)

23) RT @lr3031 @TheHill DeMint backs off criticism of Obama - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room:

24) Franklin Town Board of Aldermen meets tonight at 7pm. I'll be there taking notes & video. #wnc

25) Christensen's prognostications (incl. a position that Kissell is only vulnerable Congressman in #NC)

26) - A link to my blog was sent to someone in the US Senate. Click View Full Size at the top. Should I be worried?

27) #ces #tech An Affordable $199 Tablet for Everyone - And It's Not From Apple

28) #astronomy #satobs The #ISS will be flying over my hometown while I'll be stuck in ameeting. Waah!!!

29) Magnitude 4.1, Utah

30) FEMA National Situation Update for Monday, January 4, 2010

31) #jbshow Last night's John Batchelor Show is now available as a#podcast (Get caught up on the news!)

32) @fobes @michaelfmuller We tarred and feathered them, then rode them out of the region on a rail.

33) #tpp #ConsNC Outrage! #NPR Uses Taxpayer Money in Teabagger Bashing Video

34) RT @ForsythCoGOP 'the only thing we can control, is us .. we need to start electing conservatives from the local level- up' - Chairman Tabor

35) @ForsythCoGOP Chairman Tabor is singing the right song!!! The best way is from the ground up!!!

36) Don't anybody break Twitter. Gotta run to town.

37) @vickihinze So is the Income Tax, but that don't stop 'em. LOL.

38) @michaelfmuller I'm sorry that's it. You cannot be a Republican. Stream Buffers is property theft. You're done.

39) This time, I am outta here. ;^)

40) #maconnc Franklin Town Board of Aldermen meets tonight at 7pm. (Meeting Agenda just added)

41) @michaelfmuller Never saw it. Will look it up.

42) #karma #poeticjustice Nokia Steps Up Patent Fight Against Apple with Another Lawsuit (Take THAT Apple!!!)

43) @michaelfmuller Thanks to a thoroughly inept O Administration, the pendulum is swinging to the right again. Mua ha ha ha!!!

44) (VIDEO) Las Vegas Courthouse Shooting: Audio Captured in YouTube Video

45) @fobes Only if it is handled by private companies. I want no govt intervention in the marketplace...

46) @michaelfmuller I grew up in the backside of nowhere where we could only get one station (WLOS) until my teens. Can get no TV where I live.

47) @michaelfmuller Phase XIV of MMLIV is underway as we speak...Mua ha ha ha ha!!!!

48) RT @ktnv For more information on the shooting at the Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas, visit KTNV

49) @michaelfmuller I guess you'll be glad to know that I only saw "Christmas Story" last year for the 1st time. (love the flagpole scene..LOL)

50) @michaelfmuller YAAY!!! Movie Marathon!!! Me and the Geeky Cousins can stay up for 36 hrs watching movies and TV shows on DVD!

51) Worst Quote of 2009 -- (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) #racist

52) S&P 500 Likely to Outperform Gold Again in 2010

53) Hey, what do these 12 legislators have in common? (Heath Shuler and laundering $$$) #ConsNC#wnc #nc11

54) Winter of 2009-2010 Could be Worst in 25 Years

55) #tech Camera Phones Get 14MP and 1080p HD (Woah!!!)

56) Limbaugh Health Scare Provides New Insights Limbaugh's Hawaiian Hospital Stay Reveals

57) Well, tweeps, it's been fun. Gotta meeting to cover. (local progressives beware!!!) LOL

58) Webcasting the Franklin Town Board of Aldermen Meeting Live 7 minutes to go

59) Watch the Franklin Town Board of Aldermen Live on Conservative Thunder #wnc #avlnews #ConsNC

60) Watch the Franklin Town Board of Aldermen Live on Conservative Thunder #wnc #avlnews #ConsNC (probs w volume)

61) @fobes The only trains I've ridden are in Europe and Central america...scary stuff!!! LOL

62) Macon County Habitat for Humanity is making a presentation to the Board asking for money from the Town of Franklin. #maconnc

63) The Franklin Town Board has voted to give Macon County Habitat for Humanity $5,000. #maconnc
Retweeted by
Facebook_normalRussBowenNews13 RT @ThunderPig: The Franklin Town Board has voted to give Macon County Habitat for Humanity $5,000.#maconnc

mountainxmountainxpress RT @ThunderPig: The Franklin Town Board has voted to give Macon County Habitat for Humanity $5,000.#maconnc #avlnews

64) Item 5 on the agenda. Involuntary annexation up to one mile being considered. #maconnc

65) @fobes I would prefer businessmen gaining favors over bureaucrats gaining favors & gaming the system any day of the week.

66) Town Attorney speaking in favor of satellite annexation and increasing the size of the ETJ. #maconnc

67) @fobes The govt stepped in and regulated it...destroying it and making the whole thing moot.

68) Options for annexation being considered include 441S, 28N and 64W. The pros & cons are being weighed by Board. #maconnc

69) Mayor Collins brings up the three mile limit they are constrained to being able to annex at this time. #maconnc

70) @ForsythCoGOP My pleasure!

71) Alderman Scott expresses concerns abt burden vs gain from annexation for both the Town Board & the people being annexed.#maconnc

72) My laptop battery is down to 28%. Might not be tweeting from Franklin Town Board meeting much longer. #maconnc

73) Skipping to Item 9 on agenda. Disc. of board retreat to set goals &prioritize them, setting mid & long term goals. #maconnc

74) Franklin Town Board sets time for board retreat to begin at 9am on Jan 23rd. #maconnc will last all day.

75) Public hearing scheduled for rezoning for Alton Alligood III on Feb 1st. Motion passes. #maconnc

76) Alderman Scott brings up concerns re NCDOT not fixing the bridge at the bottom of Town Hill in favor of the Siler Rd extension.#maconnc

77) My laptop battery is down to 9% Going to have to powerdown. Just as it is getting interesting... #maconnc

78) Back home from the meeting. will have a short write up & vid tomorrow morning. #maconnc

79) @don1one I went outside the Town hall to get some B-Roll & nearly froze to death. Getting olg ain't for sissies!!!

80) RT @Jackson4Pres @WAGNERGIRLE @RightTopics: Sen. Jim DeMint challenges TSA nominee.

81) @don1one Talk about taking the term code monkey to heart...

82) Cordless mice work better if the on/off switch is in the on position. Just passing along some info I've recently found useful.

83) @kHat43 LOL. It's 3 hrs past my bedtime and it ain't pretty.

84) @OMGFacts I guess that means you're in a pickle if a cow gets on the second floor in your house or in your attic. :^)

Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results. George S. Patton

And that was my day on Twitter for January 4, 2010.

My apologies for falling behind schedule on getting this out, but the upside of this is that I think it is better because it I copy my tweets more than 24 hours later...I get the bonus of having the time of the tweet recorded.