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Thursday, January 21, 2010

NC General Assembly
01-21-2010 Legislative Calender

Here is the schedule for what has been scheduled for the North Carolina General Assembly...

9:00 AM
Blue Ribbon Task Force on the State Health Plan

1228/1327 LB
10:00 AM

643 LOB
10:00 AM
Cancelled - Environmental Review Commission

1:00 PM
Urban Growth and Infrastructure Issues

643 LOB


Here is the audio of the North Carolina Study Commission on Aging that took place this morning:

there were no supporting documents of their presentations made available online. If they do get around to it, this is where they'll put them.


The NC General Assembly Legislative Study Commission on Urban Growth & Infrastructure Issues audio and a report is available at this post. I dedicated a special report to it because the ideas discussed in that meeting, if enacted, will change North Carolina beyond recognition. If you just want to listen to the audio, it is the second item in the above playlist.