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Monday, March 2, 2009

Lefty Gets Caught in a Mob Scene,
Whines for Government Regulation

I am not making it up!

From the eloquent Errington Thompson's blog:

So, with little information, I went to the airport only to be met by a mob at the ticket counter. There is no real line. Just a mob. No one has any information. 2 earlier flights have been canceled. The flight after mine has also been canceled. Folks are upset. The only thing that people need is a little information like I don’t think you can get out today. All people for flight xyz line up over here. Something. It is just crazy.
This is why we need government regulation. We need someone to set standards.


I don't know what planet this guy has been living on because this snow storm was forecast in plenty of time for forward-thinking people to adjust their schedules accordingly. I'm just saying...