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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Professor Calls Cops on Student Presentation in Support of Second Amendment

The era of Thought Crime is alive and well at Central Connecticut State University:

The assignment for Central Connecticut State University student John Walberg and his two classmates was to give an oral presentation on a “relevant issue in the media.” The three chose school violence for their topic.

After the oral presentation was over, professor Paula Anderson of Communication 140, promptly filed a complaint with the CCSU Police against student Wahlberg claiming he made students “scared and uncomfortable.” Professor Anderson deemed Wahlberg a “perceived risk” and felt it was her duty to “protect” her class.

What did the young man say in his oral assignment that was so threatening? Shockingly, Wahlberg had the temerity to discuss concealed carry laws, guns on campus in the hands of law abiding students, and the problems with the concept of a “gun free zone.” He was gauche enough to have posited that if students and/or professors had legal guns on their persons in 2007 the death toll in the Virginia Tech shooting spree could have been much lower.

Can you now see why John Wahlberg is a threat to the school? Obviously Wahlberg is the next thing closest to a wild-eyed assassin, a dangerous criminal don’t you know? If you don’t see that, then you aren’t alone. But then, we aren’t “professors,” are we?

After professor Anderson filed her complaint, Campus Police confronted Whalberg with a list of guns registered in his name and demanded to know where he kept them.

Source: American Conservative Daily


I'll just bet University types would really and truly go nuts if they knew how many college students were carrying on campus, especially after they saw that there was no protection at Virginia Tech as more than two dozen lambs were slaughtered. One student or employee of Va Tech could have saved them with a firearm by taking out the shooter themselves.