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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Air Force One Buzzes Western North Carolina

Yesterday morning, New York and New Jersey residents had the felgercarb scared
out of them when F16 fighter jets and a 747 painted up like Air Force One buzzed lower Manhattan and New Jersey’s Goldman Sachs Tower (the state’s tallest building). The planes flew at low altitude, rattling windows, stopping traffic and panicking thousands who spontaneously began evacuating their homes, offices and bowels. Was it another terrorist attack? No, thank god. A plane in distress? Nope. A training exercise intended to safeguard American soil? Wrong again! The reason for the flyover that struck fear into the heart of a city still on edge was a photo op. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the armed forces sailed these planes dangerously close to occupied buildings - without issuing an advance warning - so they could snap a couple of cool publicity pictures. Not only was this stunt thoughtless and cruel, it was totally unnecessary - haven’t the US government heard of CGI yet?

If you wanted pictures of Air Force One and some F16s flying over NY, why not just pick up the phone and call Hollywood? I hear the governor has a few ties with people who make special effects movies. I’m sure they would have helped you out. When most people want images of something impossible, or just too expensive to do for real, they turn to the magic of visual effects. You guys didn’t think a movie like Independence Day used real UFOs, did you?
Source: Darth Mojo
Hat Tip: Galactica Sitrep

Of cource the photos in this blog entry are fakes. If I can whip out something like this in the course of half an hour, imagine what someone with real talent could do? According to Gateway Pundit, the real flight cost over $300,000. These fake photos cost a half hour of my time. If President Obama really wanted to help a guy in need of a few bucks, he coulda hit my tip jar with cool grand...and he could have gotten several photos of Air Force One in some really neat places...and I would have thrown in a cool picture of Obama water skiing from behind the 747 for free!!!
If you can use a photo editor, consider whipping up a shot of Air Force One over your town, favorite monument or other place you can think of and send me a link to where I can see it online and I will link to it for others to enjoy.