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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Watch A Tax Day Tea Party Live Today!

**3.32pm** I could not establish a connection to the Internet in downtown Franklin. I apologize for the problem. It was a great rally and we had in the neighborhood of 750 to a 1,00o people!

I will process the video and have it online tomorrow. I have three short excerpts uploading to Youtube right now.

Here is an excerpt from the speech given by Susan Pons:

The other two may be found at my youtube page when they finish processing.

Our Tax Day Tea Party in Franklin will be from Noon to 1pm today, and you are invited to watch if you aren't planning on being at one at that time.

The live stream will be up as soon as 11am or so, and the "official show" should begin at 11.30am or sooner if we get everything set up. We will be giving people the opportunity to discuss their reasons for being here today.

And, as usual, I will have extra video and photos available as soon as I can process them.

After this Tea Party is over, I plan on going to the Tea Party in Sylva, NC for an all-day event that will end in a march down the Main Street!!!