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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Important Message From the NC Coalition for Verified Voting

I got this from email warrior Don Yelton:

***North Carolina, 04/06/2009 ***
*NCCVVNewswire/NC Coalition for Verified Voting *

NCCVV urges the 
Hendersonville City Council to vote "NO  to IRV" this Thursday,  April 9th, 2009 at the City Council meeting.  The NC Coalition for Verified Voting urges the Hendersonville City Council to resist lobbying efforts promoting the Instant Runoff Voting Pilot. 

This isn't just about Hendersonville, this is about North Carolina.
IRV pilots that set a precedent of undermining election transparency while exposing elections to inaccuracy and fraud.

Regardless of whether you like Instant Runoff Voting or not, with the current 
Instant Runoff Voting Pilot Guidelines and Procedures, the pilot violates core principles of election integrity and harms voter confidence. IRV also can produce perverse outcomes and paradoxes, as demonstrated in the recent Burlington Vermont election for Mayor. 

If the city goes ahead, Hendersonville may be the only volunteer for the IRV experiment this year. No other cities have voted for it at this time.

*What is Instant Runoff?* 
Instant-runoff voting (IRV) is a voting system used for single-winner elections in which voters can rank candidates in order of preference. It is not instant to count - it can take days to figure out who won the election. Not all votes are counted - only votes for the "top two" candidates are. It does not produce the same results as a runoff election. 

1. The 
Instant Runoff Voting Pilot is bad for Verified Voting - counting procedures not recommended by computer experts
2.  The IRV Pilot is a threat to our election integrity standards.
3.  Experts oppose the use of spreadsheets to tabulate the instant 
runoff election results
4.  Instant Runoff Voting discriminates against classes of voters.
5.  Instant Runoff Voting is for single contest elections, Hendersonville is the only place in the entire world that has ever attempted to use IRV in multi seat contests.
6.  Instant Runoff Voting Often Fails to Produce Majority Winner.

*When other cities asked the public, the answer was "no".*  In cities like Raleigh, Rocky Mount and Asheville, that invited public comment on the adoption of IRV, the answer was "no" to the Instant Runoff experiment. This year, the 
Cary City Council held a public hearing on IRV, and decided not to participate a second time. (Cary tried it in 2007). Cary City Council member Don Frantz was elected in the only contest where the IRV ballots were counted, and he is strongly opposed to IRV. 
See Cary North Carolina turns down second bite of Instant Runoff Voting Pilot, process still too flawed

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