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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dealing With the Environmental Lunatics on the Left and Their Allies on the Right

Graphic: Path to Tyranny

Wordsmith Leslee Kulba has eloquently expressed her frustrations with the "know-nothings" who have been scared into "knowing" that their land and water is contaminated by CTS. I share that frustration.

A portion:

Scientists with the EPA explained that they were trying to maximize test readings in order to score the 28.5 points required to get federal superfunds. They’ve been trying for years, and they keep falling short. They tested where they knew chemical drums had been stored, and they tried to test as the winds blew favorably. They are even considering gerrymandering the site to maximize densities for readings.

A number of persons in the area have contracted cancer and/or died. No benchmarks were provided to the public to define normal death rates and normal incidences of cancer for other areas. The scientists said, rightly, that correlation did not constitute causation, but they would need to determine the types of cancers the residue chemicals and their byproducts produced.

MacQueen offered to produce petition signatures, reminiscent of sarcastic barbs about polls replacing fact. It was as if a couple more signatures could raise the ppm readings over the threshold. In a democracy, if one expert detects a fatal flaw overlooked by seven novices, he’s simply outvoted.

Source: Wild West


I have noticed that a disturbing number of Conservatives seem to be caught up in this environmental hysteria...either through ignorance or for profit. Either way, it is a shame and plays right into the hands of Revolutionary Defeatism, and helps speed our way to the destruction of our society.

It kind of reminds me of the Twilight Zone Episode The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street:

The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street