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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The John Batchelor Show for 04-12-2009
Pirates of Somalia Special

It's Sunday night, and that means it's time for John Batchelor!

Here is his website.

The show starts at 7pm Eastern, and continues for six hours of the best radio you will find anywhere, as only John Batchelor can deliver it with his stable of experts...

And here is where you can listen to the show live online:

New York, WABC-AM 770 7-10PM ET;
Washington DC, WMAL-AM 630 7-9PM ET;
San Francisco, KSFO-AM 560;
Los Angeles,KFI-AM 640;

And here is where you can find the podcasts of the show: the first three hours, and the last three hours.

Schedule for Tonight: (all six hours are on the same link now)

The first two hours are below to whet your appetite:

Pirates of Somalia Special.     

705P Eastern Time
 Josh Fineman, Bloomberg, re a Federal job fair come to New York, looking for hires for FDIC, SEC, FBI to handle the work load with TARP and TALF; so far 400 are signed on for interviews, double the usual number, re Wall Street goes where the power is to DC.  With Simon Constable, Dow Jones.

720P:  Chuck Nash, USN (ret) re the US Navy vs the pirates, re the need for a littoral combat navy to add to the deep-water and the strike navies. 

735P:  Professional Roundtable with Mona Charen, NRO, Jodi Schneider, Congressional Quarterly,John Fund, re Obama and the Somalia pirates, re the Obama administration finds "glimmer of hope," re the Congressional prospects for the Obama budget without cap and trade.  Pirates Challenge Obama's Pre-9/11 Mentality  

750P: Continued re Obama off-budget request for Iraq and the Obama campaign promises.

805PSiobhan Gorman, Wall Street Journal, re Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated   And is if on cue, yesterday much of the San Francisco peninsula (incl. a lot of Silicon Valley) was hit by a communications outage after "vandals" cut fiber optic lines in two different locations: No one knows who did it and authorities have been quick to say it wasn't connected to the stories that have followed the WSJ revelations...but it does show how vulnerable our infrastructure is to hacking -- whether it's as simple as a hack saw cutting cables or as sophisticated as China's infamous PLA cyber squads (units No. 2, 4 and 6).  With Simon Constable, Dow Jones.


820P: William Cunnningham, re the TARP related financial crisis and the pirates of the big banks who turned parasitic after 2002 and are now asked by Treasury to help the economy recover, re an exclusive conference call by FDIC re TARP to the 20 biggest players on April 9, 2009, that was not open to the public or to watchdogs.  Who was on the call?

835P:  Financial Roundtable:  John Tamny,, With Simon Constable, Dow Jones, Does Wells Fargo Mean Banks Are Back? - Donald Luskin, SmartMoney   Why Shouldn't Bailouts and Spending Make Us Angry? - Susan Lee, Forbes

850P:  Continued with Aaron Task, Yahoo Finance, Showdown Seen Between Banks & Regulators - Labaton & Andrews, NYT

905P: Malcolm Hoenlein, re Iran celebrates Nuclear Energy Day by announcing the Isfahan facility is open for production, Iran announced as many as seven thousand centrifuges, re the North Korean missile test and the UN, re Durban II prep.  Iran Says It Controls Nuclear Cycle