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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's Compare A Lefty Protest to a Right-Wing Protest

Photo: Flickr user Ashe-Villain protesters "crossing the line" to get arrested

President Obama and his lapdogs in the media would have you believe that us conservatives are dangerous and violent people, prone to break the law.


Last Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of us "right-wing extremists" took to the streets and parks to protest the bailouts and pork passed by Congress.

The only case of near-violence I have heard of is where a CNN Reporter verbally abused protesters instead of reporting on the story...she became the story. The Tea Parties I attended were very peaceable affairs, and there was not a hint of violence...except at the Sylva Tea Party where some lefties made obscene gestures or cursed us from their vehicles (it is a college town, after all). We waved and smiled. Even the Freak Capital of the South, Asheville had a peaceful protest.

Now, let's check out a lefty protest...

Dozens of protesters, including a Sylva man, were arrested Monday near Duke
Energy's headquarters as they called on the company to halt construction of a
coal-fired power plant in Rutherford County.

Police estimated about 250 people gathered in front of the building in Charlotte, loudly but peacefully opposing the $2.4 billion, 800-megawatt generator. Organizers said 44 protesters were arrested on trespassing charges after walking across a line set up by police. Officials from a coalition of environmental groups — which is fighting the project in court and in appeals to state air quality regulators — said they're trying to draw attention to their efforts.

Avram Friedman, 59, of Sylva, was the first person arrested. The executive director of the Canary Coalition, a Sylva-based clean air advocacy organization, said he was protesting to help his family.

“I'm doing it for my children,” Friedman, clad in a gray suit, said as an officer placed him in handcuffs. “This is a real threat. How can we just stand by and watch this go up and not do a thing?”

Source: Asheville Citizen-Times
Hat Tip: @Asheville

I could go on and give you dozens of examples. This lefty, Friedman, thinks that crossing a police line and breaking the law is a good thing, and will bring favorable attention to his cause.

I think it will, or should, do the opposite. It should show people that this man has no respect for the law, and will break the law in order to overturn the decision of the N.C. Division of Air Quality in March that "determined that emissions at the new Cliffside plant will not reach the threshold of a “major” polluter".

Why do lefties feel as if they have to get arrested in order to get attention? Why not do it like the right and mobilize hundreds of thousands of people and have "peaceful protest" with speeches, signs and patriotic music?

I know, asking lefties to play patriotic music at a protest is a bit of a well as asking them not to break the law.

Here is one of the videos I found online: