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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blogburst for 04-09-2009

I should do these blogbursts more often...especially the ones where I link to all the other blogbursts...

Political Pistachio has an excellent post titles, "Losing God in America"

Pope Benedict says the the Roman Catholic Church is the one true church

President Obama fights the Prtable People Meter, which has revealed that the Rush Limabugh talk radio has been under-rated and Hip-Hop vastly over-rated in Nielsen Ratings

President Obama to push Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Peace Like A River has a very comprehensive news roundup

Dymphna, at Gates of Vienna, clues us in on the Congressional Black Caucus hypocrisy in coddling Communist Cuba

Gateway Pundit mocks the White House as they attempt to deny that President Obama bowed to the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia

LGF II notes the further crack-up of Charles Johnson of the Lefty Green Footballs

Red State has their Morning Briefing available

Right Truth has Islam's Death Spiral for you to read

The American Thinker muses upon The End of Fair Elections

My blogging buddies in Israel are signing off from blogging during Passover, and I wish them a happy holiday, even the Blessing of the Sun, which I've never heard of before...

Homeland Security Alert has something new for us to worry about, the E-Bomb

The Captain's Journal has the solution to piracy

Whooping cough makes an appearance in western North Carolina

That is all for now. Since tomorrow is Good Friday, I will be starting my garden!!!

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