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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Letter to the Taxpayers
Guest Commentary by Jonathan P. Sellers

Letter to the Taxpayers

(An Invitation to Protest)

Promises made by the Office of the President of the United States of America are not being met. Congressional Oversight Committees are engaging in illicit relationships with major business interests in the private sector. Our United States of America are suffering from division upon division. At this time of great potential there is the perilous possibility of change from capitalism to socialism.

Former President George Bush the forty third enabled Wall Street to steer our credit capital system in the wrong direction. Former President Bill Clinton encouraged subprime borrowers to invest in houses against centuries of standards developed by the mortgage lending market. Former President George Bush forty one initiated NAFTA and the manufacturing base of our economy disappeared. President Carter signed the Community Reinvestment Act and the hobo Americana subculture became subsidized by the middle class.

Congress is shaping a brave new experiment for our nation and the world with the first man to ever campaign for “Prince of the World” telling other nations how sorry he is for American influence in the world since before he was elected President. He signed into law, legislation that indebts the American Taxpayers to the rest of the worlds’ nations, and the United Nations will become the arbiter should their current plans take place.

The Treasury Secretary has opened talks for a global currency with other nations who leverage their military, and their proximity to petroleum, against our nation. Nations who receive our support and who benefit from our alliance are warning us of the disaster that awaits us should the United States continue to subsidize failure.

Capitalism hit a brick wall with the first bailout, TARP, by a republican president from the far right. A stubborn man who acts in concert with oil companies suckered the American people for 700 Billion dollars. The trend has continued, now with an audacious man that will spend so much money that the taxpayers will be leveraged more than the companies being bailed out.

This is an invitation to a protest to the current plan of subsidized failure and global financial coordination. Without competition among the nations there will be a freeze in innovation and creativity. Our system of competition and free enterprise will morph into a system of political nepotism and a loss of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom as we have known it will cease to exist.

The message is clear. Quit it. Money we haven’t earned is already being entitled to people who are not even on this continent, or who haven’t even been born yet. Tell Congress to stop. Tell the Executives to back off. Tell them that our local banks are just fine and that they should be satisfied with enough instead of more. Tell the rest of the world that we will pray for them. Free market American capitalism has produced wealth upon wealth and it is being plundered before our very eyes. It is time for us as Americans to empower ourselves. We began as a grassroots nation and this is not the change we voted for.

American Taxpayers who have the time and energy are encouraged to participate in a protest to the aforementioned. The location, day, and time are: the old Jackson County Courthouse at the bottom of the steps by the fountain; on April 15, 2009; from 12:00 Noon until 7:00 PM. Bring a sign, write a chant, encourage others to stand up to socialists and send a message to the politicians. Republicans and Democrats can come together with the Independents on this one. Thank you.

Taxed Enough Already

Jonathan P. Sellers

Jonathan Sellers is just an ordinary guy who, together with Greg Walker, has organized the Sylva Tax Day Tea Party that is scheduled to last from noon to 7pm at the Fountain below the Old Jackson County Courthouse in Sylva, NC on Wednesday, April 15th.

Parking will be across the RailRoad tracks on BR23, just off Mill Street.

There is an area provided for you to tailgate at this event and socialize with your fellow taxpayers, so bring some food and cookout with us!

At 6pm, there will be a march by participants of the Tax Day Tea Party down Main Street.

You can find out more information about the Sylva Tax Day Tea Party at Conservative Thunder.