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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Death of the Republican Party

The Rovian Bush midway was followed by the cartoon candidacy of John McCain, who spent months imitating both Popeye the Sailor and Sarah Palin’s Uncle Sam. That McCain didn’t claim to be more than an aviator, and that Palin didn’t claim to be more than a moose hunter, demonstrated that neither had need of, nor interest, in the Republican Party’s history or meaning.

The Republican Party is dead like Lehman Brothers and Robert E. Lee, not to be revived by TARP, Rupert Murdoch, or a surge of feverish nationalism. The present financial collapse makes it plain to see that the Republican Party did not die recently at the hands of the clever Democrats, but rather in 1933 at the hands of cowards, sycophants, and snobs who regarded the awesome Democratic victories in 1930 and 1932 as a “smear” of Herbert Hoover and a “panic.” Since the Great Depression I, the Democrats have been the electorate’s default choice, the politicians who rule as if America was simultaneously a school district, a union hall, a junior-year-abroad seminar, and a PAC. The Republicans who pop up now and again thrive in the empty-quarter counties of the West or in the so-called Old South, which is better understood as Confederacy Lite.

Source: John Batchelor Show (read the rest of it)


From my own experience, the number one enemy of the Republican Party, are it's very own leaders and those who have tricked voters into thinking they are conservative.

The Republicans you hear on the radio and TV attacking other Republicans are primarily engaged in a power struggle to keep their seats as a RNC Committeewoman, or on a City Council, and as part of the executive committee of certain county parties, and even to maintain their coveted status as learned pundits. 

A power structure has grown up to absorb the leadership of the Republican Party all across this nation. That power structure tells us to vote for the Republican regardless of whether or not they are a good Republican because they are afraid of loosing an election, or a seat in the House or Senate. 

There is also a very disturbing trend of Republicans to use race as an enticement for new Republicans. This is a mistake. The only thing that should be used to gain new membership is conservative philosophy that includes judging people by the content of their character, and not by the color of their skin.

It is wrong for this to take place in the Democrat Party, and it is wrong to imitate them in the Republican Party. 

Our membership should be judged on philosophy and character, and race should never enter the equation. 

There is very little in the Republican Party that gives me hope that they will see the error of their ways, and change their behavior. 

Republican Leadership, heed my words: There are great numbers of people registered as Republicans who are inches away from joining another party, and building it up to surpass the GOP if you do not see the light, and change your ways, and drastically demonstrate to us that you are indeed changed to your very core.