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Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Lefty Spelling and Grammar Nazi Lashes Out

Rule Number One to remember when dealing with lefties (or righties with lefty tendencies) is that when they start complaining of spelling, punctuation or is a good sign. A sign that they accede that they cannot argue the point, and would prefer to launch an intellectually lazy (and cowardly) series of Ad Hominem [see example] attacks against the person. They do this because they cannot win any point of contention on merit, and must seek to fling poo to distract from their lack of logic.

James Wolcott and Charles Johnson are at it again. Charles at his blog, and Wolcott points his Vanity Fair readers to the blog post.

Pamela finds herself in fine company when she attracts the ire of haters like Charles Johnson and his army of Zombie-like Lizards, and is cheered on from the left at Vanity Fair, purveyor of soft porn and a lefty world view.

Pamela is involved in the good fight. She is actually DOING SOMETHING about the Third Great Jihad, and is not content with just writing about it or posting links like Charles and his Lizards are...