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Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Night Cinema
Starship Farragut "For Want of a Nail"

**updates are at the bottom of this post**

The original series Star Trek is my favorite era of the Trek Universe, and I am glad that some fans are keeping the old-style production alive.

This is the second episode of the Star Trek Fan Film [see wikipedia] project of Farragut Films. You can check out what their next projects are at the Starship Farragut website.

The videos should advance automatically, and I hope that you enjoy the second episode of Starship Farragut, "For Want of a Nail"

This will be one of the last live action shows for the series because they have decided to further develop the project as an animated series. That will be interesting, but I'll miss the live action stuff.

**04-12-2009** Corrections and Additional Information

The first is a correction from Mark Hildebrand (I added the links in his comments):

This is Mark Hildebrand. I directed For Want of a Nail and am a producer for Starship Farragut.

I wanted to let you know that we are indeed making more live action adventures, most recently a "Crew Log" we released in November called A Rock and a Hard Place. The animated episodes are a side project spearheaded by Michael Struck at NEO FX. More information is on our web site.

And the second is from Clive, of Fan Cinema Today:

If you want to find out more about the world of fan films, you might want to check out my daily fan film blog,, where I've written about the Farragut crew a few times, most recently about their studio space move from Baltimore to Georgia.

This is very good news, and I am glad that both these guys checked in the correct my errors and provide additional information, and am glad that Clive pointed my to Fan Cinema Today.