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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brendan Steinhauser Explains the Beginning of the Tea Party Movement

In this video clip, Brendan Steinhauser tells what was going on at the beginning of the Tea Party a number of things came to together at the right time to spawn a movement that has taken a life of its own across the nation:

Here is the blog post he references. I linked to it (and swiped a good portion of it) the day after he wrote it.

He was in Franklin, NC last night giving a seminar to help local grass roots activists learn how they might become more effective in their activism, and ways they can have fun doing it. Brendan Steinhauser is the Director of Federal and State Campaigns for FreedomWorks, and he gave a speech that was motivational...and planted a seed that will bear First Fruits in a Tax Day Tea Party in Franklin, NC.

If you are in or around Franklin, we will be setting up an event website (an old one that I don't use)  and an associated Facebook Page (for those who have high-speed Internet). You can contact us at and get plugged into our network. If you are on twitter, you can follow @MaconTea or @ThunderPig. We plan for this event to be a marriage of tried and true shoe leather organizing power and Web 2.0 collaboration.

Perhaps it is time to bring back the first motto of this blog..."Blogging the Conservative revolution in West Carolina."