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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Buncombe GOP Chair Runs for NCGOP Vice-Chair

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For Immediate Release
March 10, 2009

Contact: Dr. Timothy F. Johnson

Buncombe GOP Chairman to Run For State Vice-Chair

Johnson at Asheville City HallBuncombe County Republican Party Chairman, Dr. Timothy F. Johnson, after winning a landslide re-election victory at the County Convention this past Saturday, announced today that he will run for the position of North Carolina Republican Party Vice-Chairman.

"It's time we bring fresh voices with innovative and effective approaches to the table. There are too many groups of people who have not been represented at the state level in recent years," said Johnson. "This isn't just about having people of color in leadership roles. It is also about being open to those with different ideas and backgrounds and allowing many voices to be heard."

A major responsibility of the Vice-Chairman is to be a link and advocate on behalf of the county and district organizations, a particular passion for Johnson.

"Elections are won at the grassroots level and that means the county and district levels. The North Carolina GOP should be in the business of supporting the counties, then the districts, then itself. As one of our of party's fundamental principles, we believe government governs best when it governs closet to the people and I believe that should apply to the Republican Party structure as well." Johnson added, "Since becoming
County Chairman, I have repeatedly seen the state party asking the counties for help, while giving very little to the counties in return. That's backwards and it's time to fix it."

Other duties of the Vice-Chairman include supporting the Chairman in his or her duties and stepping into the role of Chairman in case of vacancy.

Dr. Timothy F. Johnson was first elected unanimously by acclimation as Buncombe County Republican Chairman in March of 2008. He was re-elected last Saturday by a more than 3-1 margin. He was a delegate to the 2008 Republican National Committee, and has been asked to speak at Republican sponsored events around the country. Dr. Johnson is the President and CEO of Leadership 101, an organizational development consulting company. He served 21 years in the US Army, currently serves on several boards including North Carolina Housing Coalition and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Western North Carolina, and is an Adjunct Professor at
Shaw University. He is married to Latessa M. Johnson, Director of Student Services at Asheville City Schools.

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Bear witness:

Contact: Dr. Timothy F. Johnson

Did You Think They Would Give It Up Easily?

By Timothy F. Johnson, Ph.D.

You know over the past three months, I have seen fast growth of Republican social networks grow and a great deal of conversations taking place around the country. Young and old, new and seasoned Republicans have become engaged on sites such as Facebook, Myspace and a host of social networks. What is even more astonishing is the number of people who are writing about their individuals challenges around the country. From my friend Akindele in Michigan to Jamal and the Hip Hop Republicans in Washington DC to even me in North Carolina, it is apparent the “Old Guards” are seeing the writing on the wall.

For far too long they have held the party hostage through intimidation, limited access to party activities and a disregard for inclusion. The “Old Guards” have enjoyed the power, prestigious and positions without being challenge. Yet, have publically said they want to bring more people into the party, increase youth involvement and create an atmosphere that uses “We” versus “Me.”

Immediately after last year’s election, the pundits and the rest of the “Old Guards” admitted we have to do something different. But what was different about last year from any other year? A person of color was elected to the presidency. Oh. That wasn’t supposed to happen. While there are many who say they rejoice in the election of the current president, you and I know that there are a number of other individuals who didn’t believe it was going to happen last year or anytime in their lifetime. As a matter of fact, they were more prepared for a Hillary.

So, what does this have to do with the present “negative and resistance to change” environment many of us are dealing with today? The “Old Guards” are dealing with a backlash like never before!
Old tactics to limit who gets to speak at the table and to the media are being dismantled. Young and old, new and seasoned (who get it) are redefining the Republican Party without waiting for Michael Steele, state or local party officials to do it for them. Local citizens, trained and untrained, are taking the bull by the horn and saying enough is enough. No longer are we willing to wait for you to work out your deals with the other side and then tell us how we are supposed to act.

No longer, are we willing to sit in our cubicles and let you manipulate us, to tell us how to think, when to speak and who we can speak to. Today, like never before the ground is swelling with enthusiastic people scared of what they will leave behind for their children and grandchildren to deal with.. And the old guards are finding themselves not only on the outside but being blamed for the demise of the party, its’ base and lack of sticking with our core principles.

They are having to be accountable to people they never thought they would have to be accountable to. They are not lifelong politicians or party operatives, but new, aggressively acting, mad as hell “Joe the plumber” citizens. They are young professionals, stay at home parents, and urban conservatives to name a few. They are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and a number of other groups.

You see my friends, the grassroots efforts to rebuild our party, to reaffirm our beliefs and promote our core principles has begun to left itself up on its own up instead of waiting for a great messiah. After reviewing our core party principles this morning, listed below, I think it is safe to say we are taking our party back, we are re-establishing who serves who and we are standing up and speaking out.

So, as you are going through your own challenges in your respective communities, know you are not alone! There are a number of us in the struggle with you. Know that you have plenty of people to chat with through these various social networks across the country who can share with you ways to deal with whatever your circumstances may be. Know that you are child of God: strong, determined and destine for success. Don’t let the name callers, the self righteous, the self absorbed and especially the “Old Guards” deter you from your mission.

Your humble servant leader,

Timothy F. Johnson, Ph.D.
The Frederick Douglass Foundation, Inc.