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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conservative Revolution Is Stirring

I am tired of "big tent political parties". I'm tired of being told I must share that tent with liberal Republicans, and moderate Republicans, and the hosts of special interest groups who feel it is in their best interests to be under that tent. I want a party I can point to with pride and say, I belong to THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY!We can have such a party. It will take work, determination, and the ability to ignore the nay sayers who insist that a third party will not work. I must tell you… I am having a great deal of difficulty supporting a Republican Party, which does not represent me. I will leave the Republican Party, which has been my home since I registered to vote the first time, on my 21st birthday, in South Carolina... as soon as I have a political party, which actually represents me, as an alternative.It seems to me, Conservatives owe it to the American people to give them a clear-cut choice between the Democrats and a Conservative Party. As it stands today, the Republican Party is not providing that choice. If they are anything, the current Republican Party is Democrat-lite!As the GOP spirals downward, even farther that it has already, this is something we conservatives must consider... if we want to survive as a political force in America. To do nothing is unthinkable. What say you?

With some 2,000 Tea Parties scheduled this month, you’d think a Conservative Party would be on, or near, the top of their agenda. Let’s hope that it is. For currently, this conservative is in a state akin to “limbo”.
Look, the GOP can forget the conservative vote in 2010. It is not going to get those votes. Why? Simple. Conservatives do not trust the Republican Party any longer. The GOP is grasping at straws if it believes we conservatives will be scared back into the fold by Obama’s socialism. That is not going to happen.

Source: J.D. Longstreet, writing in Carolina Post

I suggest that you read Longstreet's commentary, as he is expressing what many of us conservatives are feeling and thinking. 

2012 may see the birth of a conservative party that will grow to replace the RINO infected Republican Party, just as the Republican Party once replaced the Whigs.