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Friday, April 3, 2009

Suicide Bomber Vest Found In Pittsburgh

Hamas Suicide Bombers on Parade
The device was found outside 559 Southern Avenue late Thursday morning while workers from Pittsburgh Iron and Scrap Metal were picking up scrap metal. While loading materials into their truck, they noticed a device and called authorities.

The bomb squad arrived and, using the squad’s robot, police were able to get a closer look at the device.

“It had a vest,” he said. “The pipe bombs were in a series, meaning they were all linked together.”

“There was a wire coming out of it with a plunger on the end of it,” Williams said.

The bomb squad detonated one of the pipe bombs at the scene. The other three pipe bombs in the vest could not be opened and were taken to a private destination for further testing and detonation.

The clock is is only a matter of time before a jihadi uses one of these types of devices in a public place in America.