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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Video and Thoughts About the WCU Disaster Drill

 Graphic Courtesy WCU (click on image for more info)

Yesterday, I was able to participate in a mock disaster drill that took place on the campus of Western Carolina University in cooperation with several public safety agencies that included local Law Enforcement, EMS, the Hazardous Materials Regional Response Team stationed in Asheville, Harris regional Hospital

the Cullowhee Volunteer Fire Department Students from Smoky Mountain High School played the part of victims. 

The events depicted in the drill were necessarily compressed from many hours into just a few. To my observations, this drill was very well run and the participants took their roles seriously. 

It is my hope that these particular skill sets of having to deal with a Mass Casualty Incident on the WCU Campus never have to be used outside a drill; I am confident that the local public safety personnel can respond if the need arose. 

WCU has a website for emergency information, and it is currently displaying  the messages delivered during the drill. 

Here is a little video montage of my view of the drill:

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