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Monday, January 26, 2009

Anonymous Attack On RNC Chair Candidate Uses Fake Newspaper Cover

Photo Credit: The Plumline

“RNC Chooses Whites Only Chairman,” the headline blares.

The subheds: “White House Rejoices With GOP Selection.”

And: “GOP Leaders and Independent Voters Upset.”

The “front page” does specify that it’s a “parody.” The idea, obviously, is to hit Dawson by pointing out that electing someone who was a member of a whites only club as the new public face of the GOP won’t exactly help the party counter charges that it’s become a southern regional party that’s been hijacked by intolerants.

Source: The Plumline

I certainly hope that RNC members aren't behind this attack on Dawson. I suspect that it is more likely a Democratic PsyOps campaign to sow chaos and dissention among RNC members and to make the GOP look bad.