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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Calender 01-21-2009

Here are the committee meetings that are scheduled for the North Carolina General Assembly today: (more info on the committees are at the bottom of the page)

9:00 AM 1124/1224 LB
Justus Warren Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention - Prevention

9:00 AM 1228/1327 LB
Justus Warren Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention - Management

10:00 AM N/A
CANCELLED - House Select Committee on Comprehensive Rail Service

9:00 AM 1027/1128 LB
Justus-Warren Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force

House Appt: A Williams, J Weiss, L Womble;

Senate Appt: J Forrester, K Dorsett, W Purcell (Chair);

11:30 AM 643 LOB
Joint Legislative Commission on Dropout Prevention and High School Graduation

House Appt: C Tarleton, E Parmon (Cochair), D Blue, W Current, S Fisher, A Bryant, B Holloway, P Hurley;

Senate Appt: V Malone (Cochair), J Boseman, C Dannelly, K Dorsett, C Jenkins, J Queen, A Swindell, J Tillman;

Staff Appt: Kara McCraw (919) 733-2578, Dee Atkinson (919) 733-2578, Drupti Chauhan (919) 733-2578, Shirley Iorio (919) 733-2578, Sara Kamprath (919) 733-2578;

Website and Membership list.

1:00 PM 421 LOB
Joint APO Subcommittee on Licensing Boards

This committee has no website or membership list that I could locate.

1:30 PM 643 LOB
Potential Impact of Major Hurricanes on the NC Insurance Industry, Joint Select Committee on the

House Appt:
C Justice, G Martin, H Holliman (Cochair), H Brubaker, A Bryant, D Goforth, T Spear, B Stiller;

Senate Appt:
A Rand (Cochair), D Berger, P Brunstetter, F Hartsell, Jr., E Jones, J Preston, J Snow, R Soles, Jr.;

Membership list

2:00 PM 1228/1327 LB
Economic Development Incentives, Joint Select Committee on

House Appt: W Owens, Jr. (Cochair), J Weiss (Cochair), A Adams, N Cole, W Daughtridge, Jr., P Gibson, M Gillespie, H Holliman, P Luebke, J Tolson, W Wainwright;

Senate Appt: T Foriest (Cochair), J Preston, F McKissick, D Hoyle (Cochair), P Brunstetter, D
Clodfelter, J Cowell, K Hagan, F Hartsell, Jr., C Jenkins, J Kerr III, V Malone, R Soles, Jr.;

Clerk Appt: DeAnne Mangum (919) 733-2405;

Website, membership list and an audio recording of the previous meeting.

2:00 PM 1425 LB
Subcommittee on Public Heatlth/Bioterrism/Homeland Security

THEY miisspelled Bioterrorism...not me!!! I could find no info on the group on the Internet nor the General Assembly webpage. I guess it's classified.

2:00 PM 421 LOB
Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee, Joint Legislative

House Appt: P Gibson, D Blue, J Blust, E Jones, T Moore, B Stiller, R Sutton, M Goodwin (Cochair);

Senate Appt: M Nesbitt (Cochair), F Hartsell, Jr., R Stevens, J Kerr III, W Purcell, K Dorsett, J Cowell, P Brunstetter;

Clerk Appt: Jan Lee (919) 715-3001;

Staff Appt: Jeff Hudson (919) 733-2578, Karen Cochrane-Brown (919) 733-2578;

Membership list, no document drop or website for this committee.

And here is the info from all the Justus Warren committees...

Justus Warren Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Task Force

Here come the government Nanny State to build fences for people. Here is a committee structure and workflow chart I found on their website:

A membership list from the Start With Your Heart Website:

Chairman Senator Bill Purcell, MD**
Vice Chairman Donald E. Ensley, PhD**,
Members Kathryn Ahlport,
Denise Barratt,
W. Robert Bizzell,
Sylvia Coleman,
Senator Katie Dorsett,
Carolyn Dunn, PhD**
Mary Edwards,
Ana Felix, MD
Senator Jim Forrester, MD
David Goff, MD, PhD
Karen McCall,
Commissioner Norman A. Mitchell,
Jo Morgan,
Margo Mosley,
Beth Osborne,
Marcus Plescia, MD, MPH
Christine Rogers,
Glenda Small,
W. James Stackhouse, MD**
Rosemary Summers, DrPH
Carolyn Tracy,**
Representative Jennifer Weiss,**
Representative Arthur Williams,
Representative Larry Womble,
Executive Director Anita Holmes,
Administrative Support Renee Bethea,

* Some members may be added once appointments are confirmed by Legislature
** Operational Management Group

I will record the meetings that take place in Room 643 and 544 and make them available later today or tomorrow on Conservative Thunder's General Assembly Watch Page.