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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Carolina Blogburst and Linkfest Extraordinaire!!!

Here is what is being blogged about by bloggers in North Carolina, divided into rough categories: 

Conservative Bloggers

The Appalachian Scribe is still in Korea, and still blogging about things Carolina and Tennessee.

The Carolina Stompers have noted that the cost of the Coronation, I mean Inauguration of Obama will cost 110 million dollars!!! That's nearly 30 cents per person in the country.

Cold Fury has an article on the Clinton/Rodham crime family.

Hillbilly White Trash has comments on the little messiah's new pastime, RINO hunting.

The Inner Banks Eagle also comments on it, noting that conservative has lost it's meaning. I can only add that it lost it's meaning long ago, and certain proof was that John McCain called himself a conservative with near impunity in this last election cycle, and most "conservative" bloggers let him. I did not, and also noted that the majority of active Republicans are not conservative

The problem is that most people think of themselves as conservative in our party because they get the warm fuzzies about President Reagan, and neglect to actually study conservatism, or it's history.

Insight on Freedom, one of my favorite North Carolina bloggers, has a piece called "The Attack of the "useful Idiots" Against Israel". To which I can only add, Amen, brother! 

The Pirates Cove comments that the latest message from Osama to Obama sounds like something you'd find on a lefty blog. Those are my thoughts exactly.

Think Tank Bloggers

The Buncombe County GOP is asking for people to join their online community, which is on the same platform I have mine on, Ning. If you wish to create an online community of like-minded people for fun or debate...there is no better way than the Ning platform. I am a memeber of about a dozen or so Ning communities, and you can find more about Ning on their blog...and their latest post trumpets the creation of 40,000 new networks in 14 days!

A new "blog" has been created by some guys in Raleigh called Conservative NC, and they posted a plan called NC GOP Strategy for Sucess.

The NCGOP blog, Seeing Red Again, has issued the latest e-Newsletter, and has started a facebook page to go with a new website they will be launching on inauguration day.

Jeff Taylor, on the John Locke Foundation blog, The Meck Deck, pays tribute to Ricardo Montalban on his passing.

The Public Policy Polling blog examines black turnout in North Carolina in the last election.

Jon Ham, on the John Locke Foundation blog Right Angles, asks us who the real nazis are.

The John Locke Foundation blog, The Wild West, wonders if anyone likes Asheville's Master Downtown Plan

Neutral Territory Bloggers

Blue Ridge blogger Marie posted a snowy photo.

Legacy Media Bloggers 

Capital Beat has video of the new North Carolina Governor, Bev Perdue in Washington DC, presumably to line up at the trough.

Commies, Lefties and Progressives, Oh My!

The Action Center for Justice has posted information on where terrorist-loving lefties can gather online and plan some direct action in support of "palestinians".

AshVegas has noted the Gannett "one week layoff" for Asheville Citizen-Times employees this quarter, and has linked to a piece from Asheville on the Ground about a "tree slaughter". I guess it is a good thing that these people have no idea how many trees i have "slaughtered", and worse yet, piled up and burned...with the sap still running... [Video to follow!]

I wish I could get to Asheville more often...these lefties NEED SOME SERIOUS MOCKING!!!

BlogAsheville has a good piece up on the troubles of the dead tree media.

BlueNC has posted a video of their darling, Congress Critter Larry Kissell speechifying on SCHIP.

Cecil Bothwell is urging the lemming-lefties to get CFL light bulbs with minimal Mercury so they won't get too much Mercury poisonong when they break...

Dancewater is one of those useful idiots that Longstreet blogged about.

On Pam's House Blend, Pam Spaulding is now whining about the late pick of a gay bishop to speak at an Obama inaugaration event. I'm thinking that these people won't be happy unless Obama held an official gay orgy on the podium while he was being sworn in. 

The Progressive Democrats of North Carolina has a copy of a letter by David Parker, who is running to be the new chair of the Democrat Party of North Carolina.

The Scrutiny Hooligans have a post on the committee assignments for Senator Kay Hagan, and Gordon Smith has a piece on BlogAsheville on chances to participate in the communist Downtown Master Plan for Asheville, NC

Jason Bugg is gonna buy a present for a black person MLK Day.

The audio for the January 13, 2009 Take A Stand was posted last night. [Hr 1] [Hr 2] [Hr 3]

Errinton Thompson has a news roundup from a lefty perspective.

Well, that's it for now. If you are one of the bloggers and don't like your category...tough, I have  made my call.