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Thursday, January 22, 2009

FairTax Motorcycle to Make Inaugural Ride Across Western North Carolina


Carol Adams McLean

Grass Roots Freedom Ride

828 333 4146


FairTax Motorcycle to Make Inaugural Ride Across Western North Carolina

Grass Roots Supporter of the FairTax will Ride from Horse Shoe to Cornelius to raise awareness of the FairTax.

Horse Shoe, NC – Despite frigid temperatures across the country, Mike McLean will traverse 125 miles across the state on his Heritage Springer Harley-Davidson motorcycle, to promote the FairTax, a bill in congress aimed to reform the tax code on February 7th. In Cornelius, his final destination, he'll be joined by other FairTax supporters to raise awareness and enthusiasm during an event at Raceworld USA, home of Michael Waltrip Racing and other locales in the Magnolia Shopping Center.

About a dozen riders across NC have expressed interest in joining the ride, hoping we'll see an early spring warming for the event. If temperatures continue to remain low, it may be a lone rider through the mountains. Passing through Shelby, more riders and warmer weather are likely to meet him to finish the ride to Cornelius.

The first of seven rides to promote the FairTax in 2009, this ride is also the shortest. Other rides will reach as far away as Davenport IA, in preparation for a ride through 48 states in 2010. Since the launch of his web site, 2 weeks ago, more than 100 bikers across the nation have signed up to support these rides and "Make Some Noise" for passage of the FairTax. FairTax supporters who don't ride bikes also want to join the caravan in their cars or support the ride through pledge donations.

To find out more about this event or the Grass Roots Freedom Ride, go to Grass Roots Freedom Ride strives to support all FairTax grass roots efforts nationwide. GFR is affiliated with, a 501c(4) organization with funds managed and distributed by a consortium of various FairTax state and district directors.