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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Black Sphere Radio Show

Here is a new show I have found on Blog Talk Radio, The Black Sphere.

From the description of tonight's show:

This show is hosted by Kevin Jackson, author of The Black Sphere blog, with his lovely co-host Lisa Brinks, author of WakeUpConservatives. Our show is mainly satirical, and unforgiving for Liberals. We cover mainstream political stories, and the more obscure news as well. This week, we hope to have Obama's cousin on to tell us what is happening in Kenya with Obama's pending coronation. We will also be covering the idiotic ideas around bailouts, the president-select's package, Blago, Carter, Reid, Pelosi, and the list goes on. We hope to be THE show you put on your calendar very soon.

Chatroom (you can listen and chat with the hosts and other chatters).

I am going to assume the start time for the live show is 11pm Eastern, and if you miss will be available as a podcast shortly after the end of the show.

The Black Sphere blog.

I am continually amazed at the quality of commentary I find in the conservative blogosphere in general, and and Blog Talk Radio in particular.