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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NC Legislative Calender for 01-13-2009

**1.31pm** I have posted the audio of the 10am Joint Legislative Corrections, Crime Control and Juvenile Justice Oversight Committee.

**12.18pm** I have posted the audio of the 10am Joint Select Committee on Economic Development Incentives.

Here is the schedule for today's committee meetings:

10:00 AM 1228/1327 LB
Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change

House Appt: C Thomas, B Carney, P Harrison (Cochair), A Underhill, W Wilkins, L Allen;

Senate Appt: J Garrou (Cochair), C Albertson, J Cowell, R Pittenger;
Clerk Appt: Ann Meisenheimer (919) 733-5743, Thelma Utley (919) 733-5775, Mary Watson (919) 715-3050;

Staff Appt: George Givens (919) 733-2578, Jeff Hudson (919) 733-2578, Susan Iddings (919) 733-6660, Jennifer McGinnis (919) 733-2578, Jennifer Mundt (919) 733-2578;

This committee has a website, but has not posted any documents for this meeting, which is taking place in a room that is not on webcasting audio or video at this time.

Joint Select Committee on Economic Development Incentives
10:00 AM 544 LOB

House Appt: W Owens, Jr. (Cochair), J Weiss (Cochair), A Adams, N Cole, W Daughtridge, Jr., P Gibson, M Gillespie, H Holliman, P Luebke, J Tolson, W Wainwright;

Senate Appt: T Foriest (Cochair), J Preston, F McKissick, D Hoyle (Cochair), P Brunstetter, D Clodfelter, J Cowell, K Hagan, F Hartsell, Jr., C Jenkins, J Kerr III, V Malone, R Soles, Jr.;

Clerk Appt: DeAnne Mangum (919) 733-2405;

This committe meeting has some documentation available for download, and if I have correctly noticed a date change from Jan 22 to the 13th...then these are the correct documents (right click to download the pdf files:

Here is a test embed of the Agenda, followed below with links to more documents:

Tentative Agenda

Tentative Agenda

Final Economic Development Inventory Jan 2008

Defining Performance Measures, Jason Jolley

Final Economic Development Inventory Jan 2008

Evolution and Overview of the Bill Lee Act, Cindy Avrette

Experience w/ Bill Lee Act Credit, Brent Lane

I hope that I was correct in guessing that these documents and meeting agenda posted online for a 01-22-2009 meeting of this committee are meant for today's meeting. If not, then consider yourself prepared well in advance of the meeting!

10:00 AM 643 LOB
Corrections, Crime Control, and Juvenile Justice Oversight Committee, Joint Legislative

House Appt: A Bordsen (Cochair), J Love (Cochair), P Frye, M Goodwin, K Ray, T Spear, J Kiser, A Mobley;

Senate Appt: E Kinnaird (Cochair), E Jones (Cochair), D Berger, S Bingham, T Apodaca, J Snow, D Clodfelter, A Swindell;

Clerk Appt: Michellle Hall (919) 733-5820, Sylvia Nygard (919) 715-3026, Kathie Young (919) 733-5804, Irma Avent-Hurst (919) 715-3032, Judy Lowe (919) 733-5786;

Staff Appt: Jean Sandaire (919) 733-4910, John Poteat (919) 733-4910, Brenda Carter (919) 733-2578, Jim Mills (919) 733-4910, Denise Thomas (919) 733-4910, Susan Sitze (919) 733-2578;

This committee also has a website, but it has had no new documents since Feb of 2008...almost 11 months!

12:30 PM 1027/1128 LB
Joint Select Committee on Capital Trial, Sentencing, and Post Conviction Procedures for Persons Who Suffer Sever Mental Disabilities

House Appt: B Stiller, P Harrison, T Moore, V Insko (Cochair), W Wainwright;

Senate Appt: C Dannelly, E Jones, E Kinnaird (Cochair), F Hartsell, Jr., S Bingham;

Clerk Appt: Gina Insko (919) 733-7208;

This committee has no website that I can find. There is a page with the members names on it. listed.

I am planning on recording both the meetings [Rooms 544 & 643] that are available on the web, and will be listening to the Joint Select Committee on Economic Development Incentives meeting live.

As always, if you write up a report on any od these meetings, or know where one is posted on the Internet, please feel free to post the link in the comments, and I will try to add the link to this post later.