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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NC General Assembly
Legislative Calender 01-27-2009

This is the last day of committee meetings for the old NC General Assembly, the new one will be sworn in tomorrow at about noon. I'll try to have the podcast up by the end of the day on the Conservative Thunder network.

9:00 AM
CANCELLED - Courts Commission

9:30 AM
Revenue Laws Study Committee [Docs]
House Appt: D Hill, P Luebke (Cochair), W Wainwright;
Senate Appt: D Clodfelter, D Hoyle, F Hartsell, Jr., H Webster, J Kerr III (Cochair), W Dalton, P Brunstetter;
Clerk Appt: DeAnne Mangum (919) 733-2405;
Staff Appt: Rodney Bizzell (919) 733-4910, Cindy Avrette (919) 733-2578, David Crotts (919) 733-4910, Martha Walston (919) 733-4910, Joy Hicks (919) 733-4910, Barry Boardman (919) 733-4910, Dan Ettefagh (919) 733-6660, Trina Griffin (919) 733-2578, Judy Collier (919) 733-2578;

1228/1327 LB
10:00 AM
House Select Committee on High Speed Internet in Rural Areas [Docs] [List]
House Appt: B Faison (Chair), A Bryant, J Gulley, P Haire, J Harrell, III, T Tillis, J Tolson, T West;
Clerk Appt: Lavada Vitalis (919) 715-3019;

544 LOB
10:00 AM
CANCELLED - Global Climate Change [Docs] [List]

1:00 PM
Program Evaluation Oversight Committee, Joint Legislative [Web] [Docs] [List]
House Appt: J Crawford, Jr. (Cochair), D Saunders (Cochair), L Coleman, B Goforth, H Holliman, C Justice, D Lewis, P Luebke, J Langdon;
Senate Appt: M Graham, M Nesbitt, D Clodfelter (Cochair), R Stevens, R Pittenger, C Albertson, F Hartsell, Jr. (Cochair), L Garrou, C Jenkins;
Clerk Appt: Doris Gilbert (919) 301-1402;
Staff Appt: John Turcotte (919) 301-1402;

544 LOB
2:00 PM
Information Technology, Joint Select Committee on [Docs] [List]
House Appt: R Rapp, T Tillis, G Martin, J Tolson (Cochair), M Hilton, D Clary, R Tucker, G Pierce;
Senate Appt: V Malone (Cochair), T Foriest, A Allran, J Cowell, K Hagan, K Dorsett, R Atwater, R Stevens, J Jacumin;
Staff Appt: Brenda Carter (919) 733-2578, Peter Capriglione , Phyllis Pickett (919) 733-6600;

421 LOB