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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Calender for 01-14-2009

Here is my coverage of today's scheduled meetings of the North Carolina General Assembly.

As always, if you, or someone you know, is doing write-ups of these meetings, let me know.

I don't think that most people realize these committee meetings are what provide most of the drive for the agenda of drafting legislation in this already over-regulated, over-legislated state.

Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee (link to recorded audio)
9:00 AM in 544 LOB

House Appt: S Fisher (Advisory Member), T Cotham (Advisory Member), D Yongue (Cochair), M Jeffus, R Glazier, M McLawhorn, E Warren, C Blackwood, L Johnson, R Rapp, L Bell, J Tolson, L Pate, Jr.;

Senate Appt: J Queen, R Stevens (Advisory Member), K Hagan, T Apodaca, V Malone, A Swindell (Cochair), J Tillman, M Nesbitt, R Atwater, S Goss, C Dannelly, F Hartsell, Jr., K Dorsett;

Clerk Appt: Katie Stanley (919) 733-5821, Mo Hudson (919) 715-3030;

Staff Appt: Drupti Chauhan (919) 733-2578, Dee Atkinson (919) 733-2578, Shirley Iorio (919) 733-2578, Sara Kamprath (919) 733-2578;

Website for this committee.

Legislative Study Commission on Children and Youth
10:00 AM in 1027/1128 LB

Membership list, no other details provided by the General Assembly.

Joint Legislative Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Oversight Committee
10:00 AM in 643 LOB

House Appt: W Brisson (Advisory Member), C Justus, J Barnhart, J Farmer-Butterfield, B England, F Steen, B Earle, M Alexander, V Insko (Cochair), V Braxton (Advisory Member);

Senate Appt: J Forrester, L Shaw (Advisory Member), A Allran, C Dannelly, W Purcell, J Cowell, M Nesbitt (Cochair), R Atwater, V Malone;

Clerk Appt: Rennie Hobby (919) 733-5639;

Staff Appt: Denise Harb (919) 733-4910, Susan Barham (919) 733-2578, Shawn Parker ;

Website and a pdf of today's agenda.

House Select Committee on a Comprehensive Rail Service Plan for NC
1:00 PM in 1228/1327 LB

House Appt: B Stiller, R Sutton, M Dickson (Cochair), R Rapp (Cochair), C Allred, J Barnhart, B Carney, L Coates, N Cole, B Goforth, M Goodwin, M Hilton, D McComas, E Parmon, L Pate, Jr., D Ross, J Dockham, B Earle, J Farmer-Butterfield, F Steen;

This committee's website is not currently available, but this is what I found in the Google Cache:

ChairmanRep. Dickson
ChairmanRep. Rapp
MembersRep. Allen, Rep. Allred, Rep. Barnhart, Rep. Carney, Rep. Coates, Rep. Cole, Rep. Dockham, Rep. Earle, Rep. Goodwin,Rep. T. Harrell, Rep. Hilton, Rep. McComas, Rep. Parmon, Rep. Pate, Rep. Ross, Rep. Steen, Rep. Stiller, Rep. Sutton

No other information is available about this group (that I can find).

Joint Legislative Committee on Domestic Violence
2:30 PM in 544 LOB

House Appt: J Farmer-Butterfield, M Jeffus, M McAllister, E Parmon, G Pierce, D Ross, M McLawhorn (Cochair);

Senate Appt: R Atwater, H Blake, D East, M Graham, J Jacumin, J Snow, J Boseman (Cochair);

Staff Appt: Susan Sitze (919) 733-2578, Hal Pell , Wendy Ray (919) 733-2578;

Membership list, no other information provided by the General Assembly.

I will record and make available what I can of the meetings in Rooms 544 and 643.

Tomorrow there will be 7 committees meeting...Yikes!