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Monday, January 26, 2009

Asheville Stimulus Wish List
A Letter From Dr. Carl Mumpower

Dr. Carl Mumpower, ever the faithful watchdog, has issued a letter [copy available here] on the recent effort by others on the Asheville City Council to seek Federal Monies.

The list of projects will cost $122 million, according to a recent article in the Asheville Citizen-Times, include:

Projects for Asheville include:

Hendersonville Road sidewalk

McDowell Street sidewalk

Beaverdam Road sidewalk

Replacement buses

installation of bus stops

Brian and Burton Street drainage/Roadway

Old Toll Road Drainange/Roadway

Victoria Road Drainange/Roadway

Traffic Signal at Charlotte and Edwin Place

Traffic Signal Upgrade at Charlotte and Chestnut

Complete Wayfinding Project

Bike Lockers

Bike racks

North Fork High Pressure Pumping Station

Black Mountain Pumping Station

Mills River Pumping Station

Walnut Cove Pumping Station

Upgrade parks to become ADA assessible (sic)

AB -Tech Connector to Depot Street

Expansion Buses

Bike shelters and sidewalks

Patton Avenue sidewalk

Edgewood Road sidewalk

Backwash loggon at Debruhl Water Treatment Plant

Brookside Circle 12-inch water line

Monte Vista Road/Sand Hill Road 16-inch water line

Beaucatcher Road 30-inch water line

College Street 24-inch water line

Tunnel Road 8-inch water line

Swannanoa River Road 12-inch water line

Reid Creek - Phase III greenway

Building Lighting Retrofit (T8's,motion sensors, exit signs, CFL)

Parking Deck LED Retrofit

Community Center/ Public Pool/Fire Station Solar Thermal

Electric Golf Cart Solar PV

Nature Center Solar PV

Building HVAC Retrofitting

Multi Site Solar PV Project