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Thursday, January 15, 2009

North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Calender for 01-15-2009

Here are today's scheduled meetings:

9:30 AM in 643 LOB
Environmental Review Commission


House Appt: L Allen (Cochair), J Harrell, III, E Warren, P Harrison, L Womble, R Samuelson, C Justice;

Senate Appt: S Bingham, A Swindell, D Weinstein, J Forrester, K Dorsett, F Hartsell, Jr., C Albertson (Cochair), D Clodfelter (Cochair), E Kinnaird;

Clerk Appt: Jessica Bennett (919) 715-3001;

Staff Appt: Jennifer Mundt (919) 733-2578, George Givens (919) 733-2578, Jeff Hudson (919) 733-2578, Susan Iddings (919) 733-6660, Jennifer McGinnis (919) 733-2578;

10:00 AM in 1124/1224 LB
Subcommittee on Disaster Preparedness/Building Codes in Hurricane Prone Areas

10:00 AM in 1425 LB
House Study Committee on Unbanked and Underbanked Consumers 
Membership List

House Appt: A Bryant, D McComas, H Holliman (Chair), L Hall, W Church, W McGee;

10:00 AM in 415 LOB
Mandatory Boating Safety Education, Joint Select Committee on Membership List

House Appt: A Williams, B Stiller, K Ray, M Wray (Cochair), M Gillespie, W Wilkins;

Senate Appt: D Berger, E Jones (Cochair), J Preston;

Clerk Appt: Irma Avent-Hurst (919) 715-3032;

10:00 AM in 544 LOB
Aging, North Carolina Study Commission on 

House Appt: B England, A Bordsen, J Boylan, J Farmer-Butterfield (Cochair), G Pierce;

Senate Appt: J Forrester, S Bingham, K Dorsett, V Malone (Cochair), A Swindell;

Clerk Appt: Bonnie McNeil (919) 733-5649, (919) 733-5898;

Staff Appt: Shawn Parker , Ben Popkin (919) 733-2578, Theresa Matula (919) 733-2578;

1:00 PM 1425 LB

NC National Guard Pension Study 
Membership List

2:00 PM in 1124/1224 LB
Capital Trial, Sentencing, and Post Conviction Procedures for Persons Who Suffer Sever Mental Disabilities, Joint Select Committee on 
Membership List

House Appt: B Stiller, P Harrison, T Moore, V Insko (Cochair), W Wainwright;

Senate Appt: C Dannelly, E Jones, E Kinnaird (Cochair), F Hartsell, Jr., S Bingham;

Clerk Appt: Gina Insko (919) 733-7208;

I'll post what audio I am able to record.