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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watch the Barack Obama inauguration Live;
Day One of The Resistance

Watching the Barack Obama inauguration Live

If you are going to watch the inauguration of the nation's 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama, here is where you can watch it...

Hulu will be streaming the Fox News Coverage, and it is the player I have chosen for this website.

There are more places where you can watch it, and get the embed codes for your own website and blog:

has a page where you can watch and chat.

C-SPAN has finally caught up with the rest of the webstreaming community, and will have
multiple channels for you to choose from as they have integrated Mogulus into their coverage.

A service called Live Station has a unique can watch the inauguration
from a foreign perspective.

Of the networks, DNC-TV, I mean
MSNBC has perhaps the best plan for covering the inauguration, cpmplete with maps for monitoring the events of the big day for Democrats.

The rest of the pack is also planning coverage, but not with embeddable players at this time (early Sunday morning, as I prepare this post)...

CBS, who is working with CNET, but I have had little success with the CNET embeddable player during live events.

And you can expect numerous newspapers to be running their own coverage, and our regional paper will likely have the
USA Today Gannett Mogulus player on their website providing live coverage.

Democracy Now! will be live-streaming.

Joost will also be live streaming the Day of Obama.

CNN is asking for your digital photos of the event so that they can create a massive PhotoSynth 3-D Collage of the inauguration.

Teach the children quietly

What will I be doing?

I will be teaching a room full of conservatives on campus the ins and outs of using social media networks and basic HTML for online conservative activism because their classes have been cancelled to watch the Obama Inauguration, and they don't want to watch it. (This was not done for either Bush inauguration...instead, many of the Marxist professors railed aginst the incoming President in class.

We thought the enemy would try to conquer us through invasion instead of subversion. 

Today is Day One of The Resistance.