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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Exposing Truther Lies

One of the blogs I follow is called Ft Hard Knox, and has a too infrequent series called Exposing Truther Lies, and just today has posted the fourth in the series, and here is an excerpt:

Lie number 10 is that the towers never reached full occupancy ( reference).

As we see here, as of February of 2001, the WTC occupancy rate was 98%- and in January of 1997, Real-Estate Director Cherrie Nanning stated that 97 % occupancy would be considered full occupancy.

Lie number 11 is the “truther” claim that photos and videos of the bowed columns were a result of light refraction ( source ).

As usual. “truthers” ignore the basic laws of physics. Here are the real facts: 1)  The many TV cameras in the area before the collapse- and after the airplane impact- were at numerous different angles.  Since light refraction will change with the person who’s observing it, it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for every single camera to have shown the refraction in the same way regardless of angle ( reference and source), 2) Videos only show bowing on one side of the building; if it had been heat, it would have been shown on ALL sides of the building, and 3) Every single piece of video evidence shows the columns being pulled in violently when the collapse began, meaning there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY for it to be refracted light ( source

Clearly, we have more Roadrunner Cartoon physics from the “truthers.”