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Monday, January 26, 2009

Morning Brief 01-26-2009

Here is my morning brief linkfest...

Zen Pundit has another one of his Recommended Reading posts up, and I also recommend his previous post in the hidden networks of twitter.

Ubiwar has an interesting article on the Quantum Theory of War.

The Northeast Intelligence Network is undergoing a substantial overhaul following this statement that was posted, then removed from the website:

20 January 2008: Over the last several months, the Northeast Intelligence Network has been quietly conducting a number of investigations into threats posed to the safety, security and sovereignty of our homeland. Our core network of highly trained, professional veteran investigators located in three countries on two continents have developed - and continue to develop - information that we feel is critical to the safety, security and sovereignty of the U.S., Canada and in fact, all Western countries. The United States, Canada and the West is under attack by several enemies - externally and internally - by Islamic terrorists and their supporters, and by individuals and organizations with globalist agendas. To exacerbate the threats, our media has fully succumbed to pressure exerted by special interest groups and those in positions of power. We have the evidence. The manipulation does not stop with the media, but also extends to various Internet sites once considered valuable and accurate sources of accurate and unbiased news.

In our quest for the truth, we have stepped on a lot of toes, but we have also developed a network of informational assets within various levels of the government and the corporate media. They are our allies, and they have reaffirmed their commitment to insure that the truth gets to the people. This is especially necessary at present, when even the most dismissive among us must admit that the confluence of national and global events is far from coincidental. From the purposely manipulated oil prices, to the manufactured economic crisis, the rise in geopolitical tensions and other watershed events of epic proportions, it is important not to be myopic in the scope of investigations and analysis, and to encompass all aspects of the various threats facing us, no matter where the evidence leads or how uncomfortable the results.

To provide a better method of disseminating information and publicizing the results of our investigations, we are in the process of changing our web site structure and appearance. Please be patient as we complete our integration over the next few days. We promise it will be worth it.

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

William S. Lind has noted that Israel doesn't get 4GW. I am afraid that I will have to agree. At about three weeks into Operation Cast Lead, I came to the same conclusion, which leads me to Israeli bloggers...Israel Matzav has a video on how to make a Hamas Hero, and Israelly Cool has a daily update on what is going on in Israel, as does The Muqata, who has also posted some amazing images from Operation Cast Lead.

The American Power blog has an article entitled, "The Complexity of American Ideology" that is very interesting, as well a piece on the Ugly Side of Obama's Inauguration, and what that tells us about Obama and the Left.

And, from Alaska, Syrin has this to say about the failure of the pipeline Sarah Palin said she was building in Alaska, and addressed in her latest radio show:

(1/26/09) Admit it; you've been in a theatre and you've had the strong urge to yell at the characters on the screen during the tense moments of the movie. "What are you going to do now!? You lost your gun when you broke the window...what are you going to do now!?"

For those of us who have been keeping tabs on the Palin administration's efforts to secure commitments for the construction of a natural gas pipeline, we've been yelling at the characters for almost two years.

From the first day they rolled out their AGIA fantasy in March of 2007 to August of 2008 when they awarded the AGIA license to TransCanada, we've been yelling that "AGIA is a waste of $500 million because it ignores critical legal and fiscal realities."

And yes, even when Governor Palin stood before God and country, not to mention 70 million viewers watching the Vice Presidential debate and lied by saying "we're building that $40 billion pipeline, the most expensive infrastructure project in the history of the United States," we yelled at the screen then as well; "What the hell are you talking about?"

And looking to the south, Fausta has a disquieting article regarding Mexico's Ominous Drug Wars that bears checking out.

Red Stater has a photo of a nonperson who has no rights at all (according to President Obama).

Judi McLeod, writing in the Canada Free Press, notes that President Obama is looking more like a Tin Pot Dictator than a messiah since his tussle with Rush Limbaugh. So much for Free Speech, eh? President Obama, your Lefty Totalitarianism is showing...

Common Cents has a pair of videos in the Video Vault that are worth watching (but not without Kleenex---you've been warned).

The Gates of Vienna have a very detailed and comprehensive news feed that you should check out.

Another blogger that does an excellent job of providing news coverage is the one at Peace Like A River, as does Threats Watch, who focuses on military matters.

Gateway Pundit has the utter stupidity of Democrat Nancy Pelosi essentially declaring that killing babies will save money and stimulate the economy. Boy, if she keeps saying stupid stuff like that, (and the GOP doesn't screw up) we could take the US House back in 2010.

A group effort at Watts Up With That? has reached an important milestone in the effort to survey the 1221 surface stations used to monitor temperature, the project has surveyed 819, or 67% of the stations in the USA. You can help this project by surveying a station near you. The North Carolina Survey is 90% complete, and can be viewed in this online gallery.

Carolina blogger Longstreet observes that President Obama has picked the wrong fight when he chose to attack Rush Limbaugh.

And in the Communist-Occupied city of Asheville, NC, the SDS will be staging a "teach-in" to spread propaganda a lies about how Hamas is not a terrorist organization and Israel is.

The primary force to battle the Communists in asheville is The Carolina Stompers, and they have a letter from Dr. Mumpower posted on their site...which is nearing its sceduled re-launch date.

Last, but certainly not least, AshVegas has noted a boom in the construction of liquor stores in Asheville.