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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The John Batchelor Show 01-25-2009

It's Sunday night, and that means it's time for John Batchelor!

Here is his website.

The show starts at 7pm Eastern, and continues for six hours of the best radio you will find anywhere, as only John Batchelor can deliver it with his stable of experts...

And here is where you can listen to the show live online:

New York, WABC-AM 770 7-10PM ET;
Washington DC, WMAL-AM 630 7-9PM ET;
San Francisco, KSFO-AM 560;
Los Angeles,KFI-AM 640;

And here is where you can find the podcasts of the show: the first three hours, and the last three hours.

Schedule for Tonight: (all six hours are on the same link now)

The first two hours are below to whet your appetite:

"Banks Kaput" Special

705P ET: Adrienne Wooldridge, Economist, with Simon Constable, Dow Jones Newswire, re the Obama first week, re the inaugural speech is knocked byPaul Krugman as conventional, ambiguous, bromide, re the stimuls package as a Democrat birthday list saved up over twenty years, re the collapse of capitalist confidence in Europe and the US. Falling Pound Raises Fears of Stagnation - New York Times The Paradox of Keynesianism

720P: Larry Kudlow, CNBC, re the hostile divorce of Ken Lewis of BoA and JohnThain of Merrill over bad numbers and miscommunication, re the stimulus package at $850 billion, re the stimulus package with distortions of spending and mysteries of tax breaks, re Paul Krugman says not enough.

735P: Professional Roundtable Jodi Schneider, CQ, Mona Charen, NRO, John Fund, Wall Street Journal, re the Obama first week, re the GITMO closing order, re what is the fate of KSM and his kindred of Cain, re Mrs. Clinton takes command at State, re Caroline Kennedy and Pinch Sulzberger, David Patersonchooses.

750P: Continued re the $850 billion stimulus package so far, re the Coleman vs Franken bout comes to town through the winter.

805P: Aaron Lucchetti Wall Street Journal, with Simon Constable, Dow Jones Newswire, re the continuing pursuit of how many people helped Bernie Madoff steal billions all by himself, re Mrs. Madoff was completely ignirant of the theft despite the fact that she kept some part of the accounts, Prosecutors Focus on Madoff's Point Man

820P: Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents Major Jewish Organizations, re the withdarwal from Gaza and the border smuggling, re the new Secretary of State and the old envoys iof Dennis Ross and Richard Holbrooke, with George Mitchell designated to Palestine, re the Obama calls to Abbas, Mubarak, Olmert.

835: Financial Roundtable, with Tom Donlan, Barron's, John Tamny,, Simon Constable, Dow Jones, Aaron Task, Yahoo Finance, re the banking sector in London deteriorates swiftly, re the Royal Bank of Scotland is Citi on a loch, re the Geithner remark that the PRC manipulates its currency. Re the stimulus package proposal from David Obey website: See A Summary of the Bill See an Economic Analysis Supporting the Bill See the Bill Text / See the Report Text The Right & Wrong Way to Bail Out Banks - George Soros, Financial Times

850P: Continued, re the Asia economies plunge into recession, re the stimulus packages in Europe, re Nouriel Roubini says that the US banking debts and obligations exceed the assets by $2 trillion. The Fed Looks Like One More Shaky Bank - Jim Jubak, MSN Money Recession Britain All washed up. Hopes dashed for swift UK recovery. Eurozone as recession bites.

905P: Aaron Klein, WND, re the Gaza withdrawal, re the emergence of the Hamas military wing intact, re the accurate casualties from Gaza, the the Egyptian smuggling routes reopen.