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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Fills GOP's Leadership Void;
Obama Knows It, As Do Conservatives: Let's Make It Official

Brian Maloney, of Radio Equalizer, has an interesting piece on the emerging war of words that President Obama has launched on the chief proponent of conservatism in America today, radio host, Rush Limbaugh. 

Why should President Obama single out Rush Limbaugh as Public Enemy Number One of his administration? 

Because there is no coherent leadership in the current crop of elected US Senate or US House of Representatives. Nor, sadly enough, in the RNC Leadership as currently elected. 

Rush Limbaugh also has more influence on the conservative base of the Republican party through his consistent expounding of conservative principles for three hours every weekday on the radio with his entertaining and informative show. 

President Obama has, in my opinion, made a profound error by identifying Rush Limbaugh as his chief opponent, because now conservatives have someone that they can rally around. And Rush has shown himself more than capable of picking up the mantle of philosophical leadership of the conservative movement. 

Also, we have an easy way of identifying the traitors in the midst of the conservative movement. These are the people who attempt to put forth the claim that Rush is  not a conservative, most commonly they are moderate and liberal Republicans, and lefty Ron Paul supporters who can't understand the concept of American Exceptionalism as expounded nearly daily by Rush Limbaugh from behing the EIB micrphone.

I usually listen to Rush Limbaugh on the web stream of WPGB-FM out of Pittsburgh because I cannot hear him over the air in Macon and Jackson County, and I wish to avoid the beyond annoying commercials of the closest radio station out of Asheville, NC (WWNC-AM).

Anyhow, here is the opening segment of the second hour of yesterday's show that demonstrates why Rush Limbaugh excites conservatives...and causes fits of madness in liberals in the Democrat and the Republican party: