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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Edenton Water Quality Meeting Videos

I found these little gems of information via an email sent out by Don Yelton of a meeting held in Edenton, NC last week. I have embedded all nine videos into a playlist in what I think is the proper chronological order:

Here is a quote from Fern Shubert I found on the WNCT-TV website:

I’m just reporting what others have said that seems worthy of discussion. For example, a 1995 report by the EPA on the PCS mine in Aurora says in “the early 1970s, a ground water monitoring study conducted by the state detected levels of arsenic, cadmium, and lead above the Federal Primary Drinking Water Standards” and the Coastal Federation in 2001 said “decades of mining have caused levels of cadmium in reclaimed soils and ponds to concentrate at more than 300 times background levels.”

An August 2007 Conference Report prepared by The Nicholas Institute at Duke University notes that “North Carolina’s coast is among the most vulnerable . . .[because]  Over 1.2 million acres in North Carolina are below one meter in elevation. Further, North Carolina’s coastal sea level rise is effectively double the global average because of land subsidence at the coast.”

PotashCorporation’s 2007 financial statements say “The USEPA has notified the company of various alleged violations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act at the company’s
Aurora and White Springs plants. The company and other industry members have met with representatives of the US Department of Justice, USEPA and various state environmental agencies regarding potential resolution of these matters. . . The company is uncertain if any resolution will be possible without litigation, or, if litigation occurs, what the outcome would be.”


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