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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Profiles in Cowardice, Profiles in Deceit, and Profiles in Global Governance

The intimidation tactics and belittling words of those in global warming alarmism are only a means to cloak the weaknesses of their arguments, especially now that the scientific and economic evidence has found a broader, more receptive audience -- check the latest poll results if you don't believe me.

Put succinctly, their efforts to silence opposing viewpoints to their dogma have only proven that they are a bunch of chicken-twits. Now that doubting Dorothy has doused Elmira Gulch's other ego with a cocktail of moderating temperatures and an economy in distress, the cries that their forecasts are "melting, melting, aagghhhh" approach a shrill peak.

What has happened in Arkansas the last few weeks is illustrative...

Source: Paul Chesser, writing in American Spectator


Photo Credit: Solar Cycle 24

Notice anything wrong with the latest solar image above? A lack of sunspots. Solar Cycle 24 is getting off to a seriously slow start.

As far back as 2005, this NASA webpage was forecasting that the period of sunspot minimum would be in 2006 or 2007:

The Solar Cycle: Sunspots increase and decrease through an average cycle of 11 years. Dating back to 1749, we have experienced 22 full solar cycles where the number of sunspots have gone from a minimum, to a maximum and back to the next minimum, through approximate 11 year cycles. We are now well into the 23rd cycle, with the 24th cycle right around the corner. The number of sunspots in this cycle reached a peak in May, 2000 where the number of sunspots were measured at near 170. A secondary sunspot maximum occurred near the beginning of 2002 where the sunspot number was about 150. The next sunspot minimum is forecast to occur in late 2006 through mid 2007. A chart of cycle 23 is available at the NOAA Space Environment Center.

Let me remind's January 2009, and we are still seeing a very low sunspot count. In fact, one so low for so long a period of time, that there is some concern that we could be in for another long term period of decreased sunspots like a Dalton or Maunder Minimum. Ice Age, anyone?

I have blogged about this possibility at least since October of 2007, and became aware of the possibility of a Landscheit Minimum in June of last year.

I wonder if lefties will still hold Global Warming protests as it becomes ever more evident that the earth is entering a cooling trend?

I give you Global Warming or Global Governance: