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Monday, January 26, 2009

North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Calender 01-26-2009

None of these meetings are available via the web audio feed, so there will be no podcast today:

2:00 PM
Housing, Joint Study Committee on [List]
House Appt: A Adams (Cochair), P Gibson (Cochair), D Goforth, L Hall, P McElrath, T Walker;
Senate Appt: J Queen (Cochair), A Rand (Cochair), K Dorsett, J Forrester, E Kinnaird, F McKissick;

1124/1224 LB
2:00 PM
Joint Urban Growth and Infrastructure Issues [List]

414 LOB
3:00 PM
House Select Committee on a Comprehensive Rail Service Plan for NC [Cache]
House Appt: B Stiller, R Sutton, M Dickson (Cochair), R Rapp (Cochair), C Allred, J Barnhart, B Carney, L Coates, N Cole, B Goforth, M Goodwin, M Hilton, D McComas, E Parmon, L Pate, Jr., D Ross, J Dockham, B Earle, J Farmer-Butterfield, F Steen;

1228/1327 LB
3:00 PM
Partition Sales Study Committee [List]
House Appt: A Bryant (Cochair), H Michaux, Jr., L Allen, P Stam, T Spear;
Senate Appt: C Albertson, D Weinstein, E Jones, P Berger, R Atwater (Cochair);

421 LOB