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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Race for NCGOP Chair Crowded With People "Considering A Run"

This is EXACTLY how we got John McCain as our nominee...too many conservatives (or people calling themselves conservative) running split the conservative vote in order to allow the RINO to slip through. 

The only thing we have that (so far) only Republicans can vote in this race.

Under the Dome is reporting that Robin Hayes is interested in running for the job now. 

By my count, we now have Marcus Kindley already in the race (the only one officially running), and conservative Fred Smith considering a run. Woody White is also considering a run, as is Chad Adams...and there may be more I have forgotten.

So, here we have another person running their candidacy up the flagpole to see if it gets shot down out of hand. I have zero respect for that kind of politics. If you are going to run, run. If you are afraid that you are going to lose...stay at home.

The current chair is Linda Daves, who first first won the position in a closed door meeting in 2006 after Ferrell Blount stepped down on Election Day 2006 when it became apparent Republican fortunes were going badly (although not as badly as this election cycle). She beat out Andrew Brock and Marcus Kindley.

Here is an interview Marcus Kindley gave to Curtis Wright on WWAY-TV:

Find more videos like this on Rebuild the Party

Which reminds me...isn't it taking the NCGOP longer this year to announce where the State Convention is going to be held? I was told the information would be released last week, but so far, nothing.