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Thursday, January 22, 2009

North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Calender 01-22-2009

**3.07pm** The web feeds were not working today from the General Assembly. The meetings Monday will be in rooms that are not wired for I get a four day pass on worrying about recording these meetings...[TP]

I will be listening to the Environmental Review Commission meeting at 10.30am, and will have the audio available later.

10:00 AM
Municipal Annexation, Joint Legislative Study Commission on [Website]
House Appt: B Goforth (Cochair), P Luebke (Cochair), E Jones, L Pate, Jr., E Starnes, F Steen, R Tucker, T Walend, L Brown, N Dollar;
Senate Appt: V Malone (Cochair), R Soles, Jr., A Allran, D Clodfelter, D East, T Foriest, S Goss, M Graham, J Queen, A Rand;

1027/1128 LB
10:00 AM
Transportation Oversight Committee, Joint Legislative [Website]
House Appt: D McComas, D Saunders, J Crawford, Jr., L Coates, N Cole (Cochair), M Gillespie, C Allred, B Carney, E Jones (Advisory Member), L Allen (Advisory Member), T Harrell;
Senate Appt: N Hunt, C Jenkins (Cochair), L Shaw (Advisory Member), J Boseman (Advisory Member), J Snow, J Kerr III, P Berger, A Rand, D Hoyle, R Stevens;
Clerk Appt: Dianne Russell (919) 733-5827;
Staff Appt: Bob Weiss (919) 733-4910, Giles Perry (919) 733-2578, Wendy Ray (919) 733-2578, Lisa Hollowell (919) 733-4910;

1228/1327 LB
10:00 AM
Hospital Infection Control and Disclosure, Joint Study Committee [Website]
House Appt: L Allen, M Alexander (Cochair);
Senate Appt: W Purcell (Cochair), D Berger;
Clerk Appt: Becky Hedspeth (919) 733-5953, Ann Faust (919) 733-5807;
Staff Appt: Ben Popkin (919) 733-2578, Shawn Parker ;

1425 LB
10:30 AM
Environmental Review Commission [Website]
House Appt: L Allen (Cochair), J Harrell, III, E Warren, P Harrison, L Womble, R Samuelson, C Justice;
Senate Appt: S Bingham, A Swindell, D Weinstein, J Forrester, K Dorsett, F Hartsell, Jr., C Albertson (Cochair), D Clodfelter (Cochair), E Kinnaird;
Clerk Appt: Jessica Bennett (919) 715-3001;
Staff Appt: Jennifer Mundt (919) 733-2578, George Givens (919) 733-2578, Jeff Hudson (919) 733-2578, Susan Iddings (919) 733-6660, Jennifer McGinnis (919) 733-2578;

544 LOB
1:00 PM
House Select Committee on Sex Offender Issues [Website Cache]
House Appt: A Bordsen, R Glazier, V Insko, K Ray (Vice Chair), J Farmer-Butterfield, R Grady, J Kiser, B Goforth (Cochair), T West, R Warren;
Clerk Appt: Ann Jordan (919) 733-5746;
Staff Appt: Emily Johnson (919) 733-6660, Douglas Holbrook , Jean Sandaire (919) 733-4910, Susan Sitze (919) 733-2578, Brenda Carter (919) 733-2578;

1228/1327 LB