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Friday, January 16, 2009

North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Calender 01-16-2009

**3.09pm** The committee met for over 2 hours this morning and nearly two hours this afternoon. I will have the audio up later this evening, but I wanted to give you a heads up...the North Carolina General Assembly thinks they can solve the problem of poverty. Be afraid, very afraid!

Yay! Only one meeting today.

10:00 AM in 643 LOB
Poverty Reduction and Economic Recovery Study Commission

House Appt: A Bryant, E Jones, G Pierce (Cochair), J Harrell, III, J Langdon, T Walend, W Current;

Senate Appt: D Weinstein, D East, D Berger, E Jones (Cochair), F McKissick, J Queen, S Goss;

PDF of the legislation that authorized this committee to be formed and to spend $100,000 studying ways to redice poverty.

Full membership list:

  • Sen. Edward Walter Jones (Co-Chair)
  • Sen. Doug Berger
  • Sen. Don W. East
  • Sen. Steve Goss
  • Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr.
  • Sen. Joe Sam Queen
  • Sen. David F. Weinstein
  • Mr. James C. Beasley (Public Member)
  • Ms. Elyse Cochran (Public Member)
  • Hon. Zeno L. Edwards, Jr. (Public Member)
  • Rep. Garland E. Pierce (Co-Chair)
  • Rep. Angela R. Bryant
  • Rep. William A. Current, Sr.
  • Rep. James A. Harrell, III
  • Rep. Earl F. Jones
  • Rep. James H. Langdon, Jr.
  • Rep. Trudi Walend
  • Rev. Mac Legerton (Public Member)
  • Ms. Patricia S. Peterson (Public Member)
  • Dr. Al Wentzy (Public Member)
  • Dr. June St. Claire Atkinson
  • Hon. Cherie Killian Berry
  • Hon. Lanier M. Cansler
  • Dr. Eugene A. Conti, Jr.
  • Mr. J. Keith Crisco
  • Hon. Linda Wheeler Hayes
  • Hon. Harry E. Payne, Jr.