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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's Daily Planner

Guess what? I found Obama's Daily Planner. Bet he didn't think I'd find it...

9 am - Breakfast. Had two eggs over easy, not too greasy. Piece of toast. Nice cup of coffee. Cut down on the sugar. Ate quickly. Rohm massaged my feet while we talked about the day’s business.

10:30 am - After breakfast headed to the gym. Rohm spotted me while I did some light lifting.

10:35 am - Checked in on the progress for the basketball court. All is going well. They turned the boards right side up and started installing again. Eventually they will match up the lines correctly so there is a free throw zone. Government workers. What are you going to do? Put my jacket back on.

11:00 am - Missed morning press briefing. Try to catch them tomorrow. Had a call from Abass. Told him we would green light his nuking of Iran’s nuclear facilities at Natanz. He reminded me he is the Palestinian leader. My bad. Took off my jacket.

11:15 am - Talked with Olhmerd from Isreal (?) Anyway he was in a very bad mood. Seems someone let the Palestinians know he was going to hit Iran. Dumbass. Anyway. Getting ready for lunch. Forming some executive orders. Rohm massaged my back while I thought in my chair. Put my jacket back on. Had to go look at Michelle’s office and the new drapes. She was not happy.

11:55 am - Ducked out to talk to the maintenance guy in the basement. Asked him to check the thermostat in the Oval Office. I think they are pranking me. It gets hot then cold then hot again. Took my jacket off.